Caroline Criado Pérez

What was the last book that you loved?

2019.12.03 00:08 3kota What was the last book that you loved?

What was the last book (or three) that was so good you didn't want to stop reading and then were sad that it ended?
For me they were:
Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado-Pérez (non-fiction) A Song of Shadows by John Connolly (detective stories with supernatural elements) Reasons to Live
by Amy Hempel (short stories)
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2019.07.07 20:25 attabui Is “Invisible Women” problematic?

Background: I’m a straight cis white male. In the last few years I’ve been trying to read/learn/listen about people and issues I’ve been blind to for most of my life.
So I’ve just finished reading Invisible Women ( by Caroline Criado Pérez. I’ve been lowkey aware for a long time that the world has been built for men, but I’ve never seen in such stark research-backed terms just how harmful these (usually intentional) male-default-oriented designs are harmful to women. I thought it was an important book and learned a ton from it.
So then, what are y’all’s opinions on it? As much as I feel like I learned, I also noted a deep lack of any discussion of the impact on non-heteronormative life. How do the concerns the book raises apply to female-only households? What about transgender concerns?
I’m able to find lots of holes in the book’s discussion, but, and here’s my real question, is the book doing harm by focusing its content on women in “traditional”/heteronormative family roles and largely ignoring those of the lgbt+ community, or is it a book worth recommending to friends on their own learning journeys, despite its shortcomings?
Lastly, could y’all recommend any books that I should add to my list, for understanding more about the ways I can try to be a good ally without accidentally causing harm from ignorance?
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