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[Table] IAmA: I am David Foster - music lover, producer, chairman of Verve Music Group and founder of The David Foster Foundation, AMA!

2014.12.02 22:09 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am David Foster - music lover, producer, chairman of Verve Music Group and founder of The David Foster Foundation, AMA!

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Have you and Yolanda ever had any strange fan encounters? I am sure many people try to pitch you music ideas. Well, I had a guy in a restaurant yesterday start singing to me yesterday IN the restaurant, really loud! How about that?
Lately, I've had people come up to me and say "I know you, I know you" and then they say "You're on the Housewives show." It's cute, I think. And sometimes I ask if they know anything about me, and they say no.
Funny right?
The Power of TV!
If you were 18 today, and wanted to build yourself a David Foster-sized career - how different would it be from when you started? How would you make the most of the internet? I always say that the only reason I'm glad I'm not 18 is because of the state of the music business. Having said that, I probably wouldn't do anything any differently, if I were starting today. The internet is a curse and a blessing. Probably, if I was 18, I would think it was a blessing.
What is your favorite song that you play most often on the piano? Probably "Send in the Clowns" cuz that's my favorite song. But actually, I always try to play a song every day that i've never played before. I sit for 2 minutes and think about the song, and then try to play it, without the music of course.
Some advice for an aspiring singer-songwriter in this day and age? That's a great question, but I don't know the answer, I just do it. I will say, though, social media is very closely watched by every record company, agent and manager. If you have 95 followers, you're not getting anybody's attention.
Would you say it is better to have no presence than a weak one? e.g. close your facebook with 95 followers before approaching a label? No. You have to build a social media platform. Maybe focus just on ONE if you find it overwhelming to focus on 3-4.
Hi David! I'm such a HUGE fan! Wondering if you have any projects coming out with my all time favorite PETER CETERA? Would love to see the two of you work together with some new songs! Thank you !!! I saw Peter last night!
His daughter Claire's band played at The Whiskey. It was great to see the next generation. Peter got his start with the group Chicago, right there, almost 45 years ago. And Peter and I are performing together on December 10 at the Kodak Theater for PBS!
Hi David, how do you feel about where pop music has been going artistically during the last years? And where do you see your position or your role in the business, compared to other writers or producers? I still think that music is great today. I'm not the Max Martin or Dr. Luke - they are today's hitmakers, and I think they're doing a great job. Since 2000, I've had to find new ways to stay engaged in the music business. And luckily, it's still working.
If you could assemble a line-up for an unplugged performance at your birthday, who would be in it and where would it be held? Heh!
Wow. People are imaginative.
Well, it would probably be at my house.
And I'd have Eric Clapton on guitar. I'd have Vinnie on drums. I'd have Nathan East on bass. And Herbie Hancock playing piano, and I'd just listen all night.
With the success of your new CD Merry & Bright are you going to continue to release these CD's? Yes, as long as all the artists I produce agree, we could probably do it for 5 more years. I love that Starbucks took on this project as an exclusive. They're a great platform for CD sales. And I love their coffee!
Hi David - The album you made with Jay Graydon under the name “Airplay” is considered something of an undiscovered classic by a small army of audiophiles throughout the world. How do you feel about the album all these years later, and would you be open to working with Graydon again? Jay remains one of my dearest friends.
We both are always blown away with how many people still talk about that album.
We both feel the album was overproduced.
Because we were BOTH producers.
But thankfully, it continues to be a spark for young musicians.
We're always humbled by the mark it made.
Who is the best and most unfairly unsung talent that you have ever worked with? I worked with an incredible singer named Renee Olstead. We did 2 albums together. But unfortunately I couldn't get the world to buy into it. It was disappointing and discouraging. She was very musical.
Is there one moment/achievement in your career that you are the most proud of? I think writing "The Prayer" would be right up there. It gets played at weddings and funerals.
The only other songs I can think of like that are "Ave Maria" and "Wind Beneath My Wings."
Do you have any Brian Eno anecdotes you can share? I met Brian when I was producing Hall & Oates. He was iconic then. And still is.
I don't feel that we shared much musically, back in the 1970's, but i appreciate his work.
How do American audiences differ from international audiences? or is there any difference? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions! I'm enjoying this very much, David! I think international audiences are different because they read the liner notes more carefully. And they think that people like me are as important as the person whose picture is on the cover.
CanCon was successful, and similar quotas in the film and television industries around the world have helped a lot of creatives. Do you agree with them? What are your thoughts about their pros and cons? I can only say that it helped me immensely with our first group Skylark. Our single broke out of Windsor, Ontario, right across from Detroit, where it spread to - fast. And then the rest of the world. I'm a big fan.
Hi Mr. Foster! Which performer have you worked with that shocked you the most with his/her ability? You've worked with some of the best! I'm gonna go WAY back to when I was producing Alice Cooper. It was one of the best experiences of my life. He's a super-talent who's made the most out of the abilities he has. And he's a beautiful guy.
Hi David, I am a huge fan from Toronto Canada and I am sitting here listening to the Merry & Bright new CD. Are you enjoying your first Reddit? I just wanted to say how proud I am being a Canadian with all that you do with your foundation... How much time does the Foundation take out of your daily life? Hey, thanks! I'm really enjoying reddit as well! It's a GREAT site.
My foundation is taking more and more of my time. As you may know, we recently raised $8.2 million dollars in Calgary. And those kind of efforts take a long time - but the payoff is SO great.
What's the worst sin a songwriter can commit? What reliably makes your eyes roll when you hear a tune? The worst sin you can commit is calling yourself a songwriter, and not writing every day. "Bad" in any genre of music makes my eyes roll.
Enjoyed your work with Kat Mcphee? Would you like to collaborate with her again! Any current projects planned with Kat? Loved "the prayer" with you, Andrea and kat!! I also love Kat Mcphee's voice. She is so successful as an actor now that I think her focus has shifted. But I hope it's not permanent. I'd love to work with her again.
Do you ever interact with the other real housewives? Doesn't seem like your scene. Honestly, I really am working during most of their get-togethers. Although I'm old friends with Lisa & Harry, and so I'm glad to see them on the show.
Hey, David! I’m a huge fan of all your work, especially your work alongside Micheal Bublé. Your orchestrations remind people of my generation what music used to sound like, and for that I’m so thankful people like you are still in the industry. What was it like to work with Bublé? Your favorite arrangement you produced for him on one of his albums? In my opinion, no one is going to be get near Michael Bublé's career in my lifetime. He's Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Mel Torme all wrapped into one. Thanks for agreeing with me! Second of all my favorite arrangement was "Cry Me a River."
If you could collaborate with any musician from a previous generation, who would it be? Beethoven.
He's my fave. He's my desert island CD. He's my dinner date. But more realistically, I would like to produce Sting.
Hi David, I'm a fan! I have your book 'Hitman' along with CD's. I think you are so talented and humble. Thank you for being here today. My question today is this...which current artist do you see yourself in ? What comes to mind is Bruno Mars' and Mark Ronson's latest single. It's a throwback to the R&B music we used to make in the 80's. I hope this is the start of a trend.
Hi David! Any chance you would consider doing a concert in Nashville or Atlanta? We love your music in the south and would love to see you in concert. Your new Christmas album is awesome! Yes, I would definitely love to tour America again. It's just that I have a bigger following in Asia. Maybe you could change that for me? :)
David, Welcome ! So, loving you RHOBH! How do you like the show? Loved you concerts foster and friends especially Katherine McPhee with AB and of course MB. X. The show is becoming a great vehicle for my wife and for people to get to know her. My part is minimal. And I like it that way.
Did you spend any time in Yorkville in the heyday 60s/70s? Is it surreal to go there now and see what it has become? I did live in Yorkville in 1970. It was great then, and it's amazing now.
Can you pull back the curtain at all in terms of the shooting/creation of reality TV? The show doesn't take much of my time, but it consumes a lot of Yolanda's time.
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2013.05.01 22:11 ilovefortlauderdale Things to do this month (May 2013)

PLEASE ADD MORE EVENTS IN COMMENTS This is a list as published by the Convention and Visitors Bureau:
May 1-Sept 30: Summer Savings in Greater Fort Lauderdale With 2-For-1 Summer Deals
May 2-5: Florida Grand Opera: La traviata, Broward Center For The Performing Arts
May 2: Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo, Broward Center For The Performing Arts
May 3: Romeo Santos, Hard Rock Live
May 4: Elvis Crespo, The “King Of Merengue” Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
May 4: We're Going On A Bear Hunt, Broward Center For The Performing Arts
May 5: The Color Run 5k, Huizenga Plaza
May 5: SunTrust Sunday Jazz Brunch, Riverwalk, Downtown Fort Lauderdale
May 7-19: War Horse, Broadway, Broward Center For The Performing Arts
May 8-13: BeachBear Weekend, Fort Lauderdale Beach
May 8: South Florida Jazz Divas & The Gold Coast Jazz Society, Broward Center For The Performing Arts
May 10: Brazilian Voices Presents Lounge Brazil, Broward Center For The Performing Arts
May 10: Blue Oyster Cult, Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
May 10-11: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Hard Rock Live
May 11-12: African Violet And Begonia Show, Flamingo Gardens, Wray Botanical Collection
May 11: Arts Ballet Theatre: Spring Gala, Broward Center For The Performing Arts
May 11-12: Asian Pacific Day, Museum Of Discovery & Science & AutoNation IMAX
May 12: Bill Cosby, Hard Rock Live
May 13: Gretchen Thompson, Fort Lauderdale Historical Society Speaker
May 14-19: Spanish Galleon: Viva Florida 500, Bahia Mar Marina
May 15-18: Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo
May 16-18: Seminole Okalee Indian Village Pow Wow, Seminole Okalee Indian Village
May 17: The Beauty In Everything, Broward Center For The Performing Arts
May 18: An Evening With Renee Olstead, Miramar Cultural Center
May 18: AutoNation Academy Of Art + Design Open House, Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale
May 18: Date Night (Parent's Night Out), Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre
May 18: 4th Annual Covenant House Florida 5k On A1A, The Parrot, Fort Lauderdale
May 18: Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse Tour, Sands Harbor Resort & Marina
May 19: Unifest, Vincent Torres Park
May 23: Homage To Fromage: Wine & Cheese Pairings, Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale
May 24 & 27: The Rascals - Once Upon A Dream Tour, Hard Rock Live
May 25-27: Fort Lauderdale Home Design & Remodeling Show, Broward County Convention Center
May 25: Great American Beach Party, Fort Lauderdale Beach, A1a and Las Olas Boulevard
May 25-Sept 2: Tony Hawk Rad Science, Museum of Discovery & Science & AutoNation IMAX
May 26: Israeli Dance Festival, Broward Center For The Performing Arts
May 27: Memorial Day Kidz Fest, Flamingo Gardens, Wray Botanical Collection
May 29: Memorial Concert, Bailey Concert Hall And Fine Arts Theatre
May 31: Burger Battle, Huizenga Plaza
May 31: Frampton's Guitar Circus: Peter Frampton With Robert Cray Band, Hard Rock Live
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