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[Guide] My deck is trash and so am I: Scrap OTK (OCG Format)

2019.12.22 13:02 ZeroReverseR1 [Guide] My deck is trash and so am I: Scrap OTK (OCG Format)

TL;DR, show me the decklist

Table of Contents

1. Preface/Foreword/DisclaimeWhatever-you-say-first-at-the-start

2. Introduction

2.1. A little about me and Scraps
2.2. Playstyle (pre-MR4)
2.3. Playstyle (Master Rule 4)

3. Decklist

3.1. What the deck does
3.2. What the deck dies to
3.3. Primary Decklist
3.4. Side Deck
3.5. Additional Notes

4. Combo Routes

5. Master Rule 4.1

1. Preface

It's in the title, but again, I'm playing OCG. I feel the need to mention this each time I talk about decks or cards because I believe majority of the players on the sub play in the TCG, and some cards I run are banned there (though nothing critical). I don't play OCG competitively, though, and just follow their banlist/releases at most.
I also didn't really plan on making a post on my Scrap deck, but u/ahdeadbody might appreciate it, so here I am. Unlike my Crystron post, though, this isn't an F since I'm not really looking for deck building tips, though feel free to give me your opinions regardless.
Speaking of, here's the link to the other Scrap profile. Mine is largely similar, at least in game plan, and I also run the Sky Striker package.

2. Introduction

2.1. My history with Scraps

I don't get tired of sharing this story, so hopefully you don't get tired of hearing it. Scraps were the first deck I legitimately had to sit down and force myself to learn, and it wasn't because I liked them; in fact, it was out of spite and salt. For that reason, they're the dearest to my heart and will always be my favorites.
I got back into Yugioh around high school through Tag Force 3, and played on to Tag Force 4. Now, at this time, the only decks I played were Cyber Dragons (not even properly; it was Power Wall>Overdragon turbo) and whatever the MC played (that is, E-HEROs and Synchrons). I also CWCheated the banlist away, ran all the busted cards, and never really had trouble flooring the NPCs. Then came playing Poncho Yusei's story missions.
For those who don't know, Yusei has an alternate version/costume in Tag Force 4 that represents him in the Satisfaction Town arc (post-Dark Signers). This version plays Scraps instead of Synchrons, and is who I have to thank and blame.
Poncho Yusei's story missions were a nightmare; it was the first time I failed this many times getting through a character's story missions. This goddamn asshole would keep using Scrap Dragon's effect to blow my boss monsters up just to get rid of their backrow. He'd trade my Stardust Dragon, only to destroy a Mirror Force, WHICH STARDUST COULD'VE NEGATED WHILE ALSO COMING BACK. It didn't matter how many Pots of Greed or Monster Reborns I had if my partner would keep making bad trades with my field, or kept self-nuking our field with Scrap Searcher.
After losing count of my losses, I snapped and decided to build a Scrap deck so that I could synergize with him, but mostly because I wanted to get revenge and blow his cards up with Scrap Dragon myself.
It took me a long while to figure them out. At first glance, I thought they were dumb because they would keep blowing themselves up only to add cards back the hand instead of just Special Summoning them. I thought that there was no way this deck could function properly. But after actually playing them and trying some spicy things, I started to see how they could actually work, and realized they were actually pretty good (more details later). The decks I played until then were all just "summon big monster and win" like Overdragon and super chonky Junk Warrior, so this was a breath of fresh air.
After some quality time with the Scraps and settling down on a build, it was time for the moment of truth, and boy was it fun. Not only did I finally win and get past his story missions, I also got my revenge and destroyed each of Poncho Yusei's cards in the process while still benefiting from it. I basically NTR'd his deck by recycling his Scrap cards to my hand. From then on, they easily became my number one deck, and used them going forward into Tag Force 5 and 6.
But that's enough of How I Met Your Junk Dealer, let's move on to the deck itself.

2.2. Playstyle (pre-MR4)

Scraps focused on a relatively slower form of recursion and grind, recycling each other from the GY to the hand after also destroying each other. Not an inherently bad gimmick, but lots of other archetypes today do more for the same (I'm looking at you, True Kings).
The Synchros serve as their boss monsters, and were actually pretty good for the time, and still okay up to now (except Atomic). Scrap Dragon is a slower Borreload Furious (Quick Effect Scrap Dragon/Assault Mode when?), and Scrap Twin is a once-per-turn Penguin Soldier. Atomic gives your opponent back 3 cards from their GY to their Deck and isn't all that useful, outside of very specific matchups like Darklord Marie control. They also all float into any non-Synchro Scrap, though your likely options are either Golem or Goblin.
As for how I played them before in Tag Force, I used them with Ultimate Offering and Chain Summoning to supplement their recycling. Use Chimera to make Dragon, then Orthros blows itself up to recover Chimera, and use Chimera again; OR Normal Summon a Tuner, tribute it for Golem, immediately revive the Tuner, then Synchro. Chain Summoning was also made possible by Searcher since you can chain it as CL2 to one of the Tuner's recovery effects, then activate Chain Summoning.
Basically, they were a grindy Synchro deck that also applied a good amount of pressure with their Synchros' effects. With the release of Scrap Factory, Scraps gained a bit more speed by having reliable access to Golem and any Tuner of their choice (Shark+Factory). They also benefited from general Synchro support since Golem fortunately doesn't have any restrictions as material, giving you access to some useful Synchros like Stardust. Stardust Spark and Scrap Dragon were also my OTP back in the day.

2.3. Playstyle (Master Rule 4)

They took a sharp turn with the release of Wyvern; like, what Factory did for the deck times 2. The deck changed from going for the grind to Golem Turbo, and could make some of the bigger Links with ease. They've also developed a partnership with the Borrels, and I consider Savage an honorary Scrap dragon.
They also saw play in Orcust Decks as a small engine. This is also why Golem went up in price.

3. Decklist

Finally time for what you came for. Here's the decklist, and I'll go over its strength and weaknesses, as well as explanations for the ratios, below.

3.1. What it does

As mentioned above, they entered a joint venture with the Borrels in the OTK industry, primarily Borrelsword. What's unique with their OTK strategy is that they don't really care what else is on the field because Golem can put Goblin on your opponent's field, giving you a shortcut to their LP. Borrelsword can attack twice for 6000, and end the game when combined with Golem's 2300.
Best part is they can do this with just 2-3 cards (details later), so it's also pretty reliable.
To summarize, your goal is to summon either 2 Golems, or 1 Golem with a recycle. Your 1st Golem set makes Borrelsword together with Wyvern, then the 2nd Golem gives your opponent the Goblin. If you can OTK without Goblin, you can also make Savage or another LV8 Synchro.

3.2. What it dies to

Handtraps, and lots of 'em. Being the playmaker of the deck is both a blessing and a curse as you only need Wyvern to pull your combo off, but that also means your opponent only needs to stop Wyvern.
Because Wyvern revives from the GY, searches a monster, destroys a card, and is a targetable monster, it's susceptible to Ghost Belle, Ash, Called by the Grave, Stardust, Ghost Ogre, Effect Veiler, and Impermanence, among others. It's also HOPT, making it even more critical.
Also dies to Nibiru since you'll be Special Summoning a lot, but you'll want to go 2nd, so your opponent won't get out scot-free at least.

3.3. Primary Decklist

With the above points in mind, you either wanna protect your Wyvern at all costs, or bait negates out to make sure it goes off safely. As such, I'll be running a lot of low-cost/cheap disruption cards.
I'll structure the list into its components/the card's roles, starting with:
The Starters
  • 3x Scrap Recycler
This is a no-brainer. Ironically, the card that barely interacts with the archetype due to it originally being Machina support is one of the best cards for the engine today. It's a 1-card Wyvern and is your primary play starter. But to use it, you need:
  • 1x [Jet Synchron, Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion, Crystron Rosenix]
Recycler's targets. If you really want, you can have 2 O-Lions instead of Rosenix or vice-versa, but I prefer to have variety both for levels and getting around their respective HOPT effects (it's unlikely, but it has come up at least once).
  • 3x Red Resonator; 2x Resonator Call
1.5 card Wyvern. De-Garnets the Recycler package by turning them into Needlefiber, searching Goblin or Worm, then making Wyvern. You can also keep the Needlefiber by using the Recycler Garnets' extra body effects. Alternatively, if you have one of the Scrap Tuners instead, you can go straight into Wyvern instead of using Needlefiber.
  • 2x Scrap Goblin; 1x Scrap Worm; 2x Scrapyard
Necessary for the combo. I choose to go for 1x Worm instead of a 3rd Goblin for the level variety, making Cyberse Quantum, proc-ing a Scrap destruction for Factory, and because it has a special combo route I'll discuss below.
You can also use it with the free bodies (discussed later) to make Wyvern in case you don't get Recycler or Resonator.
  • 1x Scrap Orthros
Orthros has a special job which is to recycle the Scraps, or proc Wyvern's 2nd effect in case it gets stopped by something like CBTG or Ghost Belle. Can also be used to make Scrap Twin.
The Extenders
  • 2x Scrap Factory; 1x Terraforming
Now I know what you're thinking: "Why doesn't this idiot run 3 Factories?"
First of all, ow, my feelings, and 2nd, I don't think it's necessary. Factory's only function is to bring that 2nd Golem out, and being HOPT, doesn't do any more outside of it. Well, technically, it's also your fall back to proc with Worm or Orthros in case Wyvern gets interrupted, but that doesn't happen often enough to be a problem.
As for why I run Terraforming instead of the 3rd Factory, it's for deck thinning and tallying up for the Sky Striker spells.
  • 2x World Legacy Succession; 1x Monster Reborn
Same purpose as Factory, but with a different approach. Lets you re-use the Golem you linked off into Borrelsword, allowing you to complete the OTK. They can also help you recover if you're in a bind.
  • 2x Parallel eXceed
This might seem weird at first, and I thought so too, but despite not functioning in a similar manner to the other extenders, they also help complete the OTK. Since it gives you 2 free bodies, you can use them instead of a Golem set to make Borrelsword, allowing you to complete the combo.
The Fridge Boy
  • 2x Scrap Golem
Here he is, the one who ties it all together. I only run 2 because, again, the only extender that needs that 2nd copy in the deck is Factory. The other extenders only require you to have 1 Golem, which is the one summoned by Wyvern.
For reference, the probability that you draw all 2 copies in a 42 card deck is 1.16%.
The Disruption/Free Bodies
I forgot to structure the rest of the deck, and I'm too lazy to reupload, so just bear with me.
  • 2x Dinowrestler Pankratops; 2x Mind Control; 2x Instant Fusion (Thousand-Eyes Restrict)
Easy disruption/bait that also gives you link fodder.
  • 2x Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage!; 1x Sky Striker Maneuver - Afterburners!; 1x Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet Drones; 1x Sky Striker Mecha - Widow Anchor
Again, cheap disruption to bait any negates/handtraps out, along with Hornet Drones giving you free link fodder.
  • 2x Called by the Grave; 2x Ghost Belle
More for protecting your Wyvern, though they can also act as disruption. Ghost Belle can also be summoned by Red Resonator for Needlefiber, though you can also replace her with any other handtrap if you like.

The Extra Deck

The Starters
  • 2x Scrap Wyvern
I don't think I need to explain why running this is mandatory in the deck. I choose to run 2 because it's HOPT, your goal is to OTK anyway, and you can also recycle it if need be with the Tuners.
  • 1x Crystron Needlefiber
Now that it's confirmed for the TCG, you guys can't complain to me about how my deck only works in OCG land. Needlefiber's main job is to be your last resort to making Wyvern if you don't have any of the Scrap monsters at the ready.
The Synchros
  • 1x Scrap Dragon; 1x Scrap Twin Dragon
You can swap them out for more updated Synchros, but I don't feel complete without them.
  • 1x Borreload Savage Dragon
Honorary Scrap Synchro. A good follow-up to Borrelsword, and you'll almost always have Wyvern in the GY to equip, giving you 2 counters and 850 ATK.
  • 1x Draco Berserker of the Tenyi
Alternative disruption to Savage, as well as a back-up OTK enabler to Borrelsword.
  • 1x Cyberse Quantum Dragon
A special kind of removal for really pesky monsters. Also provides protection.
  • 1x Ib, the World Chalice Miko
Because she's cute The only summon off of Needlefiber, but you'll rarely get to do so since Needlefiber often gets linked into Wyvern. She searches Succession for your extension, and is involved in one of the back-up combo routes.
The Big Boys
  • 1x Borrelsword
Again, I don't think this needs any explanation.
  • 1x Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax
If you somehow end up going first, you can sit on him instead of Borrelsword. If you have the resources as well, you can make Cyberse Quantum together with him for the attack lock.
The Frontline Bait
  • 1x Knightmare Phoenix
  • 1x Knightmare Cerberus
  • 1x Thousand-Eyes Restrict
  • 1x Sky Striker Ace - Kagari

3.4. Side Deck

As mentioned above, I don't really play competitively, so feel free to do as you please with the Side Deck. As for what I run:
  • 2x Nibiru, the Primal Being
No-brainer side, can also link it away into Wyvern next turn, then have Borrelsword steal the token's attack.
  • 3x True King Lithosagym, the Disaster
This is dirty tech in case you're made to go first, dirtier than the Scraps themselves, and they're made of garbage. Scraps are all EARTH, and you can get the drop on your opponent by banishing key cards from their Extra Deck.
  • 2x Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju
Again, special kind of removal for pesky boss monsters. I use Kumongous instead of Gameciel because I can tune it with Scrap Worm into Scrap Twin, plus it's EARTH.
  • 2x Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended
Alternative protection.
  • 2x Lightning Storm; 1x Harpie's Feather Duster
For backrow heavy matchups
  • 3x Gravity Collapse (OR 3x Gozen Match)
More dirty going-first tech.

3.5. Additional Notes

Chain Blocking
You can chain block Wyvern with the Scrap Tuners to protect it from cards like Ash and Ghost Ogre.
Recycler Timing
Recycler misses timing if it's searched by Wyvern because the last thing that happens is the destruction of a card, and not Recycler's summon.

4. Combo Routes

Here's what a lot of you were probably waiting for. As mentioned earlier, you can pull the OTK off in just 2-3 cards, though some combinations require a different approach.

Making Wyvern

These are the different ways you can make Wyvern in the deck.
  • Mill Jet, O-Lion, or Rosenix
  • Revive/Token
  • Link Recycler and other monster into Wyvern
Note: if you don't already have Scrap Goblin in the GY, you might need to make Needlefiber using Jet Synchron first, search Goblin, then link it with Needlefiber for Wyvern
Scrap Goblin/Scrap Worm + Free Body (Red Resonator, Instant Fusion, Hornet Drones, Pankratops, Mind Control)
  • Get your free body out, then summon the Scrap Tuners
  • Make Wyvern
Red Resonator + any other LV4 or lower monster
  • Summon Red, SS the other monster
  • Needlefiber, search Goblin/Worm, make Wyvern


After you make Wyvern, all you need is one of the extenders to complete the combo.
  • Wyvern eff, proc it and Factory (I prefer to CL2 Factory and protect Wyvern) to get 2 Golems
  • 1st Golem revives Goblin (or Recycler), link them both with Wyvern for Borrelsword
  • 2nd Golem gives opponent the Goblin in attack; OR keep the Goblin and Synchro a LV8
End board:
  • Borrelsword + Golem + Goblin on their field, OR
  • Borrelsword + LV8 Synchro
Needlefiber-less Route
If you don't have a Scrap Tuner to revive yet but don't want to make Needlefiber, you can do the following instead:
  • Go straight into Wyvern
  • Wyvern eff, proc it and Factory, but instead fetching 1 Golem and 1 Worm
  • Golemn revives Recycler, mill anything you want (or don't)
  • Worm + Recycler = Ib, search Succession
  • Wyvern + Golem + Ib = Borrelsword
  • Succession revives Golem
  • Revive Worm, then make Cyberse Quantum
End Board:
  • Borrelsword + Cyberse Quantum, OR
  • Borrelsword + Golem + Worm on their field
If you mill O-Lion with the revived Recycler instead of using it to make Wyvern, you can:
  • Make Borrelsword the same way
  • Succession revives Ib
  • Synchro MPB token with Ib for a LV8
End Board: Borrelsword + LV8 Synchro

Revives (Succession or Monster Reborn)

Unfortunately, you need to have a Goblin already in the GY, so Needlefiber is necessary if you don't.
  • Wyvern eff, search Golem
  • Revive either Goblin or Recycler
  • Link into Borrelsword
  • Revive Golem with Succession or Monster Reborn
  • Revive Goblin
End Board:
  • Borrelsword + Golem + Goblin on their field, OR
  • Borrelsword + LV8 Synchro

Parallel eXceed

  • SS Parallel eXceed when you make Wyvern
  • Wyvern eff, search Golem
  • Wyvern + 2 eXceeds = Borrelsword
  • Golem revives Goblin
End Board:
  • Borrelsword + Golem + Goblin on their field, OR
  • Borrelsword + LV8 Synchro

The "I can't believe Tribute Summoning Golem is an option" combo

If you've angered the Garnet Gods and drew a Golem, have no starters, but have an extender and either Hornet Drones or 2 free bodies, then you can:
  • Hornet Drones>Kagari>Hornet Drones again
  • Tribute Summon Golem by tributing Kagari
  • Golem + Drone Token > Wyvern
  • Get 2 free bodies (e.g. Pankratops + Instant Fusion)
  • Tribute Summon Golem with either one
  • Make Wyvern


  • Wyvern eff, search Golem and Recycler with Factory as Chain Link 1 (important because Recycler misses timing if summoned by Wyvern)
  • Mill Jet Synchron, revive it, then Recycler + Jet > Needlefiber, search Goblin
  • Wyvern + Needlefiber + Goblin > Borrelsword
  • Revive Goblin with Golem
  • Wyvern eff, search Recycler (miss timing)
  • Link again into Wyvern or any other Link-2 with a down arrow
  • Revive Golem, then Recycler
  • Mill Jet Synchron, revive it
Monster Reborn
  • Wyvern + Jet > Needlefiber, search Worm
  • Worm + Recycler > Ib, search Succession
  • Ib + Needlefiber + Golem > Borrelsword
  • Succession revives Golem, revive Worm, then make Cyberse Quantum
  • Recycler + Jet > Needlefiber, search Goblin or Worm
  • Wyvern + Needlefiber > Avramax
  • Golem + Tuner > LV8 or Cyberse Quantum
Parallel eXceed
  • Summon the eXceeds when you make Wyvern
  • Wyvern eff, search Goblin or Worm
  • Goblin or Worm + Parallel eXceed > Needlefiber, search Goblin
  • Needlefiber + Wyvern > Avramax
  • Goblin + Parallel eXceed > Cyberse Quantum

5. Master Rule 4.1

I meant to post this sooner, but with the announcement of MR4.1, I decided to think about what it does for my deck before doing so.
And the verdict is that not much changes. Your play starter is still Wyvern, which is a link, and you still use Borrelsword as part of the win condition. It's mostly a convenience because now you can summon the Synchros anywhere, and if you opened additional extenders and don't mind alerting every Nibiru owner within a 500 meter radius, you can over-extend into more Synchros for a stronger board.


So, here you go, my pride and joy. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the read, got some ideas, and possibly got inspired to try them out yourself. If there were some things you find questionable or have your own opinion, do let me know.
I also forgot to mention the story behind my flair as well, but the upper section is already bloated enough as is, so I'll just drop it here.
Basically, when I decided to own cards physically again during my early Tag Force days, one of my friends mentioned he had a bunch of random cards he got trying to pull some of the 5Ds boss monsters, and let me have it. Included was an incomplete Scrap core (no Chimera, no Orthros, no Synchros) when he was buying DREV to get Draco-Equiste. So technically, my cards are also literally scrap cards that my friend didn't want anymore. This was also before I grew to like them.
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