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The Meme Generator is a flexible tool for many purposes. By uploading custom images and using all the customizations, you can design many creative works including posters, banners, advertisements, and other custom graphics. Why is there an '' watermark on my memes? Funny Girlfriend Meme Takes 2 Hours To Respond To Text Gets Mad At You For Taking 5 Minutes Image. Funny Girlfriend Meme Today I Was A Rough Day Image. Get A Girlfriend Let Me See If I Can Funny Girlfriend Meme Picture. Girlfriend Vs. No Girlfriend Very Funny Meme Photo. Girlfriend What Level Do I Unlock It At Funny Girlfriend Meme Image Feb 24, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Meme Loverz. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Explore. Art. Photography. Photography Subjects. Boyfriend Girlfriend Photos. . Article from New Girlfriend Application Meme. 25 Best Girlfriend Application Memes Sports Teams Memes 25 Best Girlfriend ... Shop for the perfect meme gift from our wide selection of designs, or create your own personalized gifts. Find and save ideas about boyfriend memes on Pinterest. You can buy the hot sauces used on the show, from individual bottles to packs of three. For the spicy meme lover, we have to recommend the season 10 Heat Pack. Price: $40 from Heatonist 3. Meme Status Confirmed Type: Exploitable Year Unknown Origin Unknown Tags exploitable, illustration, comic, ms paint, dawk19, @idiot_teen About. Ideal GF is an exploitable MS Paint illustration which is altered to depict different types of girlfriends (GFs), which initially gained popularity on 4chan's /r9k/ board.. Origin. On September 29th, 2016, an anonymous 4chan user submitted a post to ... Ideal GF is an exploitable MS Paint illustration which is altered to depict different types of girlfriends (GFs), which initially gained popularity on 4chan’s /r9k/ board. 28 Wonderful Gifts For The Meme Lover In Your Life. Such gift. Many thank. Wow. by Morenike Adebayo. Editorial Fellow, BuzzFeed UK. Morenike Adebayo / BuzzFeed 1. They'll know when that ... Meme Mug - Meme Gifts - Best Meme Ever Mug - Meme Coffee Mug - Gift for Meme From Grandkids - Meme Grandma Gift - Grandma Meme Gift WimlyMugs. From shop WimlyMugs. 4.5 out of 5 stars (3,890) 3,890 reviews. Sale ...

This sub needs a dosage of reality.

2020.10.11 21:45 pippitymcpop This sub needs a dosage of reality.

So I’ve came here to vent slightly and talk about this sub. It’s effectively becoming an incel sub. A few weeks ago I made a post on here asking for advice on how to deal with a girl that was stalking me (I thought posting here more people would understand my situation and not just say “tell a teacher” or some other generic response) Here’s some lovely responses I got.
Wow, imagine being this ungrateful that a girl loves you enough to want to follow you around and hate her. While I try to get any girl to like me and I walk away just because of my genetics.
I don’t think it’s the genetics mate.
I would just go along with it, that’s kinda hot.
The girl was stalking me, she followed me home after school and had once stabbed another student. Not an ideal partner for my tastes.
There were loads of other responses and DMs that I got in a similar vain but I want to move onto when things really kicked off. I responded to a statement explaining that I already had a gf and we were in a stable relationship. Some responses came in that were less than pleasant. This is not an isolated incident. Any post about being female in the sub will instantaneously result in being flooded with DMs asking for dates or describing some sexual act.
This subs went to shit due to a lack of semi-decent moderation. Now it’s all just incels and among us memes. Mods please do something.
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2020.10.08 20:24 Due_Entrepreneur I'm so sick of being called selfish for wanting my life back

I'm 19, and in normal weight and good health. Statistically I will not die of Covid.
I already missed half my freshman year of college, and will probably miss my entire sophomore year, the way things are going. My social life is ruined and I'm sick of being trapped at home doing online school.
but you gonna spread da scary virus
Fuck off, let the vulnerable stay home, if you're scared you can stay home too.
but only making the elderly and vulnerable stay home is mean, you're ruining their lives
Only making the old and weak stay home is mean...but forcing everyone to stay home, and ruining everyone's lives isn't mean? Fuck off with that hypocritical bullshit
There's nothing wrong with staying home and playing videogames/Netflix 24/7 with no social interaction
Maybe that's your ideal lifestyle, weirdo, but I want friends and a life.
Ur just selfish
For wanting my life back? And not being worried about a meme flu virus with an average 99.6% survival rate?
I'M the selfish one? And not the people who want everything to shutdown forever? BULL. SHIT.
I want to meet people. I want a gf. I want to get an internship, I want to build connections, I want to graduate, I want to eat, I want to walk in public without wearing a face diaper, I want to live the life that literally everyone before me has led. I want to do something besides wasting away in a fucking basement because a bunch of fucking losers are scared of the fucking flu.
Fuck the lockdowns, fuck the face diaper muzzles, fuck the retards supporting this bullshit, fuck the media for fear mongering. Fuck every politician playing along with this bullshit. Fuck all the mindless groupthinkers that are on board with this shit.
I'll take my chances with the flu that has a 99% survival rate. If you're scared, stay home. Don't make everyone else play along with your fear-based delusions.
The screaming hypochondriacs should not be allowed to ruin everyone's lives to soothe their own fears.
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2020.10.01 18:48 HaulA1Oct1 What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)4

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)4
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2020.09.24 14:33 PikaCommando List of things that happened between SS3 and SS4’s release date

So many things have happened in these past 9 years, in this incredibly long wait for Serious Sam 4. It’s hard to really gauge how long these years were since all of it felt like they went by in a flash now, which is why I’ve prepared a list of things that happened each month since SS3’s release until SS4’s release. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of the significant ones so here are the ones that I do remember. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how much of these you remember too!


(In case you forgot what 2011 was like, just watch this video.)
November 2011: Serious Sam 3 released. Also some stuff called Skyrim
December 2011: Fortnite announced


January 2012: SOPA protests where big websites such as Wikipedia went offline to raise awareness on net neutrality and MegaUpload shut down
February 2012: Crusader Kings 2 released. KONY 2012 campaign started to raise awareness on Ugandan child soldiers
March 2012: Marauder Shields tried to save players from Mass Effect 3's ending(s)
April 2012: The Avengers premiered and people promptly forgot about KONY 2012. Google announced Google Glass and TellTale’s The Walking Dead game released
May 2012: Serious Sam 3: Legend of the Beast, Diablo 3, and Max Payne 3 all came out on the same day. Also, some game called Cyberpunk 2077 was announced
June 2012: Rest in peace, Mr. Trololo. Overly Attached Girlfriend meme was born. Also, some game named Slender
July 2012: Spiderman movie reboot, Sword Art Online anime, and Gangnam Style happened. The Dark Knight Rises gave rise to Baneposting.
August 2012: Darksiders 2 released. Behold the Potato Jesus. WELCOME TO THE RICE FIELDS MOTHERFUCKER, ‘john is kill’ went viral
September 2012: Grumpy Cat went viral. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released, Borderlands 2 released
October 2012: Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile released. Also some comic book called JoJo finally received a cartoon series adaptation
November 2012: Wii U released, Halo 4 marks the start of a new Halo trilogy and Evangelion 3.0 finally premiered
December 2012: According to the Mayan calendar, the world ended. Boardroom Suggestion comic went viral. Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?


January 2013: Surgeon Simulator 2013 went viral, Donte May Cry was released.. Vine started, THQ went bankrupt, and launched. In this moment, I am euphoric
February 2013: Filthy Frank unleashed the Harlem Shake upon an innocent world, Pope Benedict resigned. Metal Gear Rising released, Aliens: Colonial Marines released. YOU SEE IVAN…
March 2013: Warframe released, Pope Francis became the new Pope, and Dragon Ball Z got a new movie after 17 years. Tomb Raider rebooted and Bioshock Infinite finally came out
April 2013: Boston Marathon Bombing happened, Attack on Titan anime stormed the world and Japan made a game that made people want to fuck boats
May 2013: Call of Duty: Ghosts shocked the world with dogs and advanced fish AI. Coldsteel the Hedgehog came into existence, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid manga started
June 2013: Serious Sam 4 announced and it’s coming next year! Also, some game called The Last of Us released, Ouya released, and Steam Trading Cards are a thing now
July 2013: Dota 2 and Rise of the Triad remake released. Pacific Rim premiered and Sharknado stormed the world
August 2013: PAYDAY 2 released. Show your papers, please. Ex-Capcom employee announced Mighty No.9
September 2013: Big Man Tyrone opened up shop. GTA V released for consoles, Shadow Warrior released. Steam Discussions was made to replace Steam Powered User Forums
October 2013: Serious Sam Origins announced and it’s coming later this year or early next year! Also, US government shut down and 8chan was created
November 2013: PS4 and XB1 released, Frozen premiered and people learned to let it go, Steam Reviews became a thing, and a Google+ account is now required to comment on Youtube
December 2013: No Man’s Sky announced, Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalize weed, Rick and Morty started airing


January 2014: Flappy Bird released on Android, becoming a worldwide phenomenon and it made people 200% MAD
February 2014: Flappy Bird was discontinued, Robocop got a reboot, and Tom Jubert talked about working on some puzzle game with Croteam but who gives a shit
March 2014: Roman Ribaric assured fans that SS4 will come out later this year. Also some stuff called Ebola or something
April 2014: Serious Sam Revolution entered Early Access. Also, some stuff called Goat Simulator
May 2014: Serious Sam 3 was released on the PS3, as well as Wolfenstein: The New Order and Watch Dogs. Also, Unreal Tournament 4 announced
June 2014: The Talos Principle, Splatoon, and the Islamic State’s global caliphate announced. Trust nobody, not even yourself
July 2014: DashCon happened and everyone got an extra hour in the ball pit
August 2014: Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda violated our brains, so did GamerGate. Kojima and Guillermo del Toro revealed PT, Unreal Tournament 4 pre-alpha released. Also, some game called Five Nights at Freddy’s
September 2014: halfchan is kill, Super Smash Bros 4 Nintendo 3DS released, Destiny finally released
October 2014: John Wick premiered, Playing music when mama isn’t home went viral
November 2014: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare released and the Internet pressed F to pay respects, Halo: The Master Chief Collection for XB1 released, Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U released, Naruto finally ended
December 2014: The Talos Principle released but more importantly, the Nekopara visual novel released. Also The Pirate Bay is kill and Steam gifts are now region-locked


January 2015: Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks happened, Captain America: Civil War memes went viral. GIMME GIMME CHICKEN TENDIES
February 2015: Ex-Rare employees announced Yooka-Laylee. What color is this dress?
March 2015: Bloodborne released, memes became deep-fried
April 2015: GTA V came to PC, Boob ribbon became a trend
May 2015: Black Mesa: Source finally released, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt saved PC gaming, Mad Max: Fury Road premiered, Ex-Konami employee announced Bloostained: Ritual of the Night, and Shia LeBouf tells you to JUST DO IT
June 2015: Serious Sam HD Extended Episode 1 released and Solais got hired by Croteam. Also, Shenmue 3 announced
July 2015: Road to Gehenna released, Doom 4 gameplay finally revealed to the public, Drakeposting became a thing, Ouya discontinued
August 2015: Dabbing became mainstream, Spiderman ass slap went viral, first known sighting of Apyr
September 2015: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain released, Undertale released and plunged the world into darkness.
October 2015: Back to the Future day happened, Halo 5: Guardians released, Konami fired Hideo Kojima, “thicc” became mainstream online slang, One Punch Man received anime adaptation
November 2015: More Paris terrorist attacks but at least we got Need For Speed reboot, Star Wars Battlefront reboot, and Fallout 4. Guts finally got off the boat
December 2015: System Shock 3 announced, IT’S TIME TO STOP, Star Wars Episode 7 marked the start of a new Star Wars trilogy, 5/7 is now a form of rating, Rainbow Six: Siege released


January 2016: Bombshell released. This is the ideal male body
February 2016: Leonardo diCaprio finally won an Oscar. Damn, Daniel!
March 2016: Oculus Rift released, Zootopia released and made some people discover new things about themselves, there’s also Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but who cares
April 2016: HTC Vive released, here comes dat boi, Re:Zero received anime adaptation
May 2016: Pope Francis received a free copy of Undertale. Doom released, Blizzard’s first FPS released. China made a game that made people want to fuck guns. Rest in peace, Harambe
June 2016: Croteam announced that this E3 is gonna be serious!!! Oh wait, it’s just Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. Also, Death Stranding announced and Mighty No.9 released
July 2016: Pokemon GO briefly brought back childhood joy for millions before being crushed by the depressing reality we live in, “don’t look at her, look into my eyes”, System Shock remake announced
August 2016: SeriousZone Discord server launched, No Man’s Sky released, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided released, “You vs The Guy She Told You Not to Worry About” and PPAP went viral, Picardia became the face of Anarcho-Capitalism
September 2016: TikTok launched, Persona 5 released, ideal gf ms paint
October 2016: Retrowave text became a fad. Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour released, Shadow Warrior 2 released, Battlefield 1 released, TheLegend27 became an Internet legend
November 2016: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare released, Killing Floor 2 released, Final Fantasy XV finally released, Kizuna Ai changed the face of Japanese Youtube forever
December 2016: The Last Guardian finally released, 1000 degree hot knife videos went viral, “Wait, it’s all X?” astronauts went viral


January 2017: Vine ended, Wii U discontinued, Virgin-Killer Sweater is born, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid received anime adaptation, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee graced the world with Despacito
February 2017: Halo Wars 2 released, For Honor released, Kemono Friends anime exploded in popularity, Distracted Boyfriend went viral
March 2017: Nintendo Switch released, Mass Effect Andromeda released, Club Penguin is kill
April 2017: Yooka-Laylee released, hey man you see that guy over there, United Airlines forcefully removed a passenger from the plane, fidget spinners went viral
May 2017: Vanquish is finally on PC, China made a game that made people want to fuck boats. Fyre Festival happened
June 2017: Virgin vs Chad took the internet by storm, another Spiderman movie reboot, stonks
July 2017: The Emoji Movie premiered, Unreal Tournament 4 received its last update, Fortnite: Save the World entered Early Access. 7Smoke Tennis 2017’s mapper list was finalized, split into Red/Blue teams, and began development
August 2017: Fanmade-turned-official-product Sonic Mania released, Pickle Rick September 2017: Hololive invaded Youtube, Fortnite: Battle Royale invaded gaming, TikTok invaded the world
October 2017: Shaggy mastered Ultra Instinct, McDonald’s brought back the Mulan Szechuan sauce for a day, Blade Runner 2049 premiered
November 2017: Sonic Forces you to play his game, first mass attempt of No Nut November, deepfakes became a thing
December 2017: VRChat became mainstream and consequently invaded by Ugandan Knuckles, Logan Paul filmed a dead guy in Japan, Despacito 2 confirmed by NASA. Okay, this is epic


January 2018: Monster Hunter World released, Trumpet Boy went viral. The Gang Weeb Facebook page was created, letting the world know that we live in a society and that gamers should rise up
February 2018: First level of Serious Duke 3D released, Metal Gear Survive released, Change My Mind
March 2018: Devil May Cry HD Collection is finally available on PC, Gru’s 4-panel plan became a thing
April 2018: First look at Serious Sam 4 since its announcement in 2013. See you at E3! Also, Avengers: Infinity War premiered
May 2018: Birth of the 30-year old boomer, Beat Saber entered early access, Bongo Cat went viral, first known case of ligma
June 2018: The public did not see Croteam at E3. Also, Skyrim 2: Valenwood announced, people can finally pre-order Battletoads, Big Dick Energy joined the Internet lexicon, this is so sad alexa play despacito
July 2018: Croatia almost won the FIFA World Cup. Moths became a brief Internet sensation
August 2018: SeriousZone forums shuts down, chonk is now a net lingo OH LAWD HE COMIN
September 2018: Red Day: Episode One released. Spiderman PS4 released. Bowsette became a thing. Surprised Pikachu went viral. Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh?
October 2018: Megaman 11 released, Project Warlock released, Red Dead Redemption 2 released, Ricardo Milos saved the world from TikTok
November 2018: Fallout 76 released, Darksiders 3 released, Spyro Reignited Trilogy released, first bad Valve game released
December 2018: 7Smoke Tennis 2017 2018 Blue Edition released, Super Smash Bros Ultimate released, birth of the 20-year old coomer, Big Chungus. Gonna cry? Gonna piss your pants maybe? Maybe shit and cum?


January 2019: Kingdom Hearts 3 finally released, “ok boomer” went viral
February 2019: Apex Legends released, buff hunks started typing on keyboards
March 2019: Microsoft announced Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC, Devil May Cry 5 released
April 2019: PS5 announced, Avengers Endgame premiered and concluded the MCU, Google+ is kill
May 2019: “Women yelling at a cat” went viral, Spiderman version of “Me and the boys” went viral, RIP Grumpy Cat
June 2019: Facepunch is kill. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night released, new Samurai Shodown finally released. Project Scarlett XSeX announced. Bubble tea challenge and Area 51 raid went viral, Keanu Reeves confirmed for Cyberpunk 2077
July 2019: First-ever Fortnite World Cup. Earth Defense Force 5 released
August 2019: Serious Sam Revolution finally exits Early Access with Bright Island, 7Smoke Tennis 2018 Red Edition released. Yes Chad went viral. fullchan is kill
September 2019: Borderlands 3 released, Spyro Reignited Trilogy comes to PC, Day of the Area 51 raid
October 2019: Call of Duty: Mobile released, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain released. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic finally ends. Joker released. Leader of Islamic State killed by US military.
November 2019: Death Stranding released, Shenmue 3 released
December 2019: Croteam uploads a video on Youtube telling us things are about to get serious next year. Also, someone ate a bat


January 2020: Filipino volcanic eruption, Warcraft 3: Reforged released
February 2020: Sonic the Hedgehog movie adaptation premiered, Coffin Dancers went viral
March 2020: Doom Eternal and Half-Life Alyx released, someone made an 8-bit computer in The Talos Principle. Also, global quarantine or something
April 2020: Indonesian volcanic eruption, Final Fantasy 7 Remake released
May 2020: Croteam finally unveils gameplay of SS4, a classic returns in August 2020. Also, some protest against police brutality in America
June 2020: First June since 1995 without E3 convention. Valorant released, Persona 4 Golden finally released on PC, The Last of Us Part 2 finally released
July 2020: Serious Sam 4 appeared on the Devolver Direct for the first time but more importantly, PC gamers finally get to finish the fight for the first time
August 2020: A classic didn’t return in August 2020, Serious Sam 4 available for pre-order on GOG, Croteam revealed what the Popemobile was. Also, some protests against election fraud in Belarus
September 2020: A classic finally returns; go and buy Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 right now! Also some stuff called Serious Sam 4
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2020.09.03 21:41 throwRA392020 LDR gf (16F) cut me (16M) off but I still believe things could work out.

Hello. Before explaining my situation and asking for advice: -Yes this is a throwaway account I made for this occasion. -Both me and her are minors so I will not disclose personal info such as names or locations. Just know we're both Italian (even if her parents are foreigners), I'm only a few months older than her, and we live 240km (150 miles. A lot for european minors to handle) away from eachother. -English isn't my primary language, so there might be errors. I'd still like for the replies to be in english. -This post is long. Please reply seriously
Here is the situation:
We knew eachother from a small online group of friends from all across Italy in late 2018. We casually talked in DM's and after a while we got to know more about eachother and started a relationship.
We each had our problems. I was (and still am, to an extent) immature, and very likely have some form of anxiety.
She's gone through a lot of problems with her family, as she lived with her divorced abusive mother. Plus she's had a considerable amount of trauma from other events prior to meeting me, for example a manipulative guy leaking her private pictures, and a guy observing her and catcalling her at a local café.
In a way, we both thought we were helping eachother through things, but we both know there was A LOT of escapism. I seeked someone who would tell me I was enough and that being different from norm doesn't make me any less lovable, and she seeked something to take her away from all the pain, to a mental place to be safe.
We were the kind of LDR that asks eachother "hyd??? <3" everyday but doesn't really engage in many activities. Believe it or not, I never even saw her in video, nor audio, because I respected her will to not do so, maybe too much. But that doesn't mean I don't have reason to trust her, don't worry.
This year we were starting to get more serious: I was trying to do some distant activities with her (for example playing something online or watching movies), and we were finally starting to plan a meetup (which would have happened in late October, had things not ended like they have).
Our personal life was still a pain, but what I hadn't known for the longest time is she had some huge issues with me, which I will now explain.
She's always had a concept of love that you could say is very romantic and monogamic: "two lovers only need eachother". She was way too unassertive of a person to force ideals on other people, and she thought that I wasn't ok with this ideal of hers, because in some occasions she had seen "hints" that I still felt attraction for other girls (especially because she knew I had trouble with porn). This hurt her. A LOT. She says she's had many breakdowns about it, even in public, and she has even cut herself over it.
I can't even say how much I wish I went out of my way to make her realize that I truly had eyes for her only. But when she confronted me about this I panicked because she was straight up suicidal, and I said the worst thing ever in my life: "it's not like I would act upon it"
The regret I have for saying this is something I can't humanly express. Not just because it's the worst thing I could say, but because it's a lie. I pretty much confirmed her fear when I would've been able to fix everything with a few simple words.
That was June. In the end we reunited peacefully because I somewhat made her understand I wouldn't betray her. But she still thought I was attracted to others. She kept hurting and hurting over it. And I did nothing because our relationship was going pretty strong from a superficial standpoint. She, harshly, but righteously, encouraged me to quit porn (which I pretty successfully quit), and we were bonding much more than usual, and imagining a future together. Things were looking so good I forgot about settling that issue. Worst mistake of my life.
From our more recent texts: Me: "Seriously? If I had explained things a few weeks earlier this wouldn't have happened?" Her: "Yes. My 50th something breakdown was the last straw"
Ever since late July she has been working A LOT to fix her life, and she's doing very much better: she ran away from her abusive mom (and now lives with her much less strict dad), she has been starting to turn her art into a full-time thing instead of an hobby, she's gonna start going to a private art school (and she's ready to find a job since her dad can't afford it), and so on.
Since I hadn't acted in time she started being harsher (again, with all the reason) to me, and hinted at a breakup. I started doing my best to get my personal life together, but still didn't improve our communication (which, again, would've fixed everything). She broke up with me around the 10th of August. After a few days I got part of my ideas over, and since I was visibly doing awful, she gave me a chance. My last chance arguably. Guess what. Again, I focused on our personal lives instead of working on that fucking communication. A few days ago she told me that it's over.
Over the last week I've been trying and trying, since I learned my lesson and realized what I should've done this whole time, to ask her for a chance, to no avail.
Her:" i'm gonna be honest, even if it hurts it's better if this just ends there. I can't promise you that i will ever love you again, and if you keep clinging onto me i'll very likely just become way more toxic than you think i can be and have you stick to me so that i can feel validated, even though i'm not gonna give you a chance anytime soon and you will end up with your ability to love being utterly destroyed (yes, way worse than it already is). I feel nothing for you and i don't think i will ever again. Telling me that this can work if WE put in the effort is pointless, i already told you that i have no interest, which means that i am not willing to put in the effort, because i have no wish to have a future with you, i don't even care about it, i have other things to think about and other priorities. I am not interested in you, i am not interested in meeting you, i am not interested in doing anything with you, i am not interested in having a relationship with you [...] dont make me hate you, quit trying to make me forgive (and forget) you over something that had been hurting me so badly for so long just because you forgot [...] i dont owe you forgiveness or a second chance it is what it is [...] [her thoughts on me] can't be anything else now that I've finally decided to cut you off not everything can have a good ending"
This is only a rough copy of the last things she told me, but you can probably understand how we both feel.
Before you say under here "you're the asshole OP", this isn't AITA. I've learned my lesson the hard way, as I deserved. I just wish that I could do something to make her willing to try this one last time. Life is unfair, but I don't wanna let go. I still love her like always, I still only have eyes for her, I still believe in what we can be. If only I had a way to make the spark start again for her, then I could seriously reignite this as an even stronger relationship. I have no idea what to do from this point on.
The last few days have been really intense for me. I (incredibly) matured enough to open up to my mom about this. Her opinion is that I should try moving on and seeing if maybe one day [GF]'ll be interested again. My mom is also willing to make me meet my LDR. She just wants me to be happy, and I couldn't be any more thankful to her.
I've had minuscule interaction with [gf] the last few days, and she seems to still be uninterested. Tho maybe it could slightly change if I grew more and more.
She has also been shitposting (it means posting many low effort memes a day) about how much she craves true love, human warmth etc. . Her tremendous growth has been all about how she finally decided to "live life in the moment". I'm proud of her. I wanna be like that too. But I also want to be with her. No matter what it takes.
This is it everyone, if you have any advice, have been in a similar situation, or have experience with errors similar to mine, or with uninterested breakups, then I'll gladly hear you out.
Please be respectful and understand I'm not looking for the straightforward "give up, she doesn't care" answer. Thanks
My only hope is how she said "im not gonna give you a chance anytime soon ", but it might not imply much considering what she said after that.
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2020.09.03 10:26 vicksvaporrub08 Cancel culture in the traditionalist subculture and how I contributed to it [my story]

I would like to apologize for the long post in advance. This is intentionally long. I would like to give as full of a context of my circumstance as I could, so you could see from end-to-end where I am coming from. You may see a lot of inconsistencies in my thought process. For that I will acknowledge the gaps in my logic. But please, do not invalidate my feelings in doing so. This is my experience. This is very emotional to me.
I was trad since around 2017, though how you define trad depends on the type of trad you are talking to. If you look at my profile you would notice that my post history is mostly about the trad lifestyle.
If you want to classify me, I was a diocesan trad. In the beginning of my experience in traditionalism, I was truly happy. My experience with trad liturgy was truly magical. The Traditional Latin Mass I attended in a diocesan parish in Manila was beautiful. I knew there was a God, but I have never counted on the fact that He is beautiful.
You see, I grew up around Novus Ordo culture. My mother was a catechism teacher, a "mother butler," in the campus and in our local Novus Ordo parish. But I did not enjoy the faith at all, as I found the liturgy and the activities cringe. Thus for a short time I was atheist, then I remained nominal for a long ten or fifteen years. After that, I got a good confession, etc etc. Then I'm back in.
Yes, as a trad I was truly happy. I enjoyed trad liturgy, and I enjoyed my new friends. Coming from a secular background I found the perspectives of trads to be absolutely refreshing. The stuffy politically correct atmosphere and general cringe of Filipino urban society was getting into me. As a result I began reading, hanging out with them more. Most everything I am learning about Catholicism was new and mind-blowing to me. Pre-1955 liturgy, rubrics, Roman Martyrology. You name it.
I also got to learn about political ideologies such as Carlism and Integralism. I believed those ideologies too. After all, my government sucks, as many Filipinos attest.
As a trad I am member of several group chats on Facebook, trad Catholic groups, and I regularly browse the chans for trad content. I was also moderator of a major Filipino trad group, along with several admins, all vibrant people from their teens to their thirties. For all their faults and disagreements with me they are wonderful people.
In hindsight I realize that getting my formation from the Internet is a bad idea, and nothing beats the guidance of a trained formator. That's why I joined the Third Order of Carmel in Cubao. Or at least I hung out with the Tertiaries.
As many of us moderators and admins realize, there's at least two "factions" in our local trad group. There's the diocesans, then there's the SSPX goers. There's some tension between those groups. As I found some SSPX positions to be rather a stretch, and that I found the SSPX congregation to be quite an echo chamber, I was on team diocesan.
And then I started looking for, what my numerary friend calls it, "something stronger." I wanted to expand my "trad resume." At that time, I discovered the Divine Office, and I was just so impressed with it. I like how I can practically pray the Bible on top of reading it. This is huge for me!
But while praying the Divine Office and regularly getting my sacraments were one of my noteworthy personal achievements, I also engaged in Facebook raids. My friends and I would band together, raid someone's Facebook profile when they have terrible takes, and we would lecture them or just troll them. They would block us, but we considered that a victory. Then we would share rage fuel in our groups, about women getting abortions, about pedo priests, and that would get us all in an uproar.
That caused some bad juju in our air. And so we enforced what we called "Wholesome Sunday," where we would focus on elevated spiritual activities instead of collectively shaking our fists at "modernist society."
Those news were truly scandalous and that we were right to be outraged. But I never counted on how sharing "blackpilling" content snowballed into a mindset of hating people who don't believe like we do. We thrashed on modernists, we talk crapola about leftists, Jews, evangelicals, Orthodox, Iglesia ni Cristo, to name a few. We even lowkey insulted some of our priests. In my country, you see, there was a priest who wrote a liturgy called "Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino" (Mass of the Filipino People), and it was controversial to our community.
But in the trad community, the reaction was bonkers. We would insult the priest who wrote it, and insult the priest who finished it. We felt his liturgy was just dumb. We could explain how and why the liturgy should not have been implemented. However, most of us were rabid. We lost the plot.
At this point, I was already getting uncomfortable with the trads, but I still enjoyed their friendship all the same. They are really good people, and we were united in our love for God through the expression of the sense of the sacred. And so I still hung out with them.
At this time as well, we have also seen Father Chad Ripperger's homily about trads struggling with lust and pride. While Father Chad's homily hit home at the lust part, I admit that we missed on the pride part. By a laaaaarge margin. We did not realize how proud we were.
Then a few months passed into 2018, and I was willfully ignorant of the degeneration of my charity, I got a trad boyfriend. He was a total Integralist and distributist. I was in love, and so naturally, I got tidally locked in the trad world now. I discarded political doctrines that I considered "liberal," and I even started to believe that the automobile is inherently evil because of my constant exposure to his talking points. He would bear down on me on his positions towards machine learning and technology (I am a developer), and about labor (I was working in corporate). He is a staunch car removalist, and is intransigent on the issue of loans, calling the concept of interest as inherently usurious.
I liked to think that while I disagreed with him, I had kept an open mind regarding his talking points. But the entire thought process that I was having as a result was so disingenuous. I denied that I was changing to suit his idea of an ideal reality. But it was happening already. You know who pointed that out? My cardiologist! I had to take a half day leave of absence from work to get checked out on account of my alopecia and "chest pains." My ECG results returned normal. My doctor thought it was psychological.
I did not know it, but my trad boyfriend was already eroding my self-esteem.
So I was fearing everything now, and I began to get very tired of doing trad liturgy. I did not like missing out on God, so I attended TLM, and I sung Vespers and Compline after. My daily routine was a hodgepodge of me praying all the Hours religiously and working in between. My coworkers thought I was becoming a weirdo, but I did not care. At the end of the day I would go to Benediction to a church outside of my workplace and despite that, I felt that I was being drained.
But I did not give up on the sacraments and acts of piety just yet. I held the belief that I will be rewarded in Heaven for my suffering, and nothing else really matters, so I kept doing it. My ex would tell me and tweet, "Let nothing hinder the work of God!" He honestly believed that praying the Divine Office was preferable to concentrating at your work hours.
It was a vicious cycle. I would go to work very tired, and I would end my shift totally exhausted. Even my trad bf began to notice the deepening dark circles around my eyes. I did not realize that I was already being consumed by this lifestyle.
Then my boyfriend broke up with me. He had indicated for a long time that he wanted to be a priest. I screwed up, I did something that pissed him off, and he was just looking for an excuse to dump me. And so I completely lost it when it happened.
After the breakup, he took me to the exorcist of Novaliches to have me checked out. The good priest referred me to a psychiatrist. Though I did not take the doctor. I instead went for another doctor in the same hospital. The doctor diagnosed me with depression, and I was under anti-depressants. I did not feel the benefits of his therapy. In fact, I behaved more psychotically. That's when I changed my doctor to a lady in one of the hospitals in Makati City.
I was beginning to really question the entire point of traditionalism and Catholicism in general. So after my first Ignatian retreat, I stopped contacting my exorcist, but I still went into therapy with my second doctor. I was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I was placed on anti-psychotics. I began to attend counseling sessions, which placed an unintended consequence of me going habitually late to work despite the assurances of my tech lead that my current company isn't obsessed with our punctuality.
Healing emotionally did not happen overnight. Even with the meds and the counseling I was still having suicidal and psychotic episodes, and I have melted down several times. My team would take me outside work to help me relax whenever I am in danger of melting down. And yes I was still into trad liturgy and all of that. I loved it. I was already almost a year into being a choirster myself.
After a few months, I pursued a relationship with the back end developer of my then job. He was agnostic and very much secular. He has a lot of those worldly beliefs, and of course, his expecations for sex were that of a typical person pursuing a romantic relationship. Thankfully I did not relapse, chastity wise. Having a secular reason for not having sex helped, actually. Remember, I was undergoing therapy. My secular reason is that I consider having sex as an intimate act and I don't want to get too attached to someone who I am not sure of. If I do that, it will overload my mental circuits. I am a busy person, I don't like stressing over a relationship, especially after what happened with my ex, and the aftereffects of sex will over-complicate things for me.
But still, I was very toxic as a trad on all of my social media accounts, especially Twitter. My ex thought it was wonderful for me to go back to Twitter and see the contents of "Catholic Twitter." But Catholic Twitter was far from wholesome. Left and right the beefs and feuds were popping all over. And I engaged in several verbal skirmishes. Everybody on Twitter was doing it. You name the topic of the fight: cerulean vestments, version of liturgy, the SSPX. You name it.
In trad Catholic Twitter (and I don't care how wholesome you trads claim it to be), many trads consider it a matter of pride to be blocked by Father James Martin, SJ. But why? Just because he has questionable takes regarding the LGBT? If you actually read his tweets he is still consistently anti-abortion and in fact is stricter with the GRRM. There's some morality left in him no matter what, and that guy is a validy-ordained priest.
Are these trads insane? You do not insult a priest. You do not make obscene references to his character, nor do you dress him down and humiliate him in front of everybody. If you are really a trad, then you know that there's a curse out there for people who insult the clergy and the religious. You can get demonically possessed for insulting a priest! You do not do that!
They call their brand of being obnoxious to non-believers and modernists as "charitable correction" when in fact all that it takes to be truly charitable to disagreeable people is to pray for them and by sliding into their DMs carefully explaining why their position is not okay.
I wasn't alone. My ex was involved, my friends are involved. We would answer cringe questions on Curiouscat that are high school tier despite us being adults. The beefs on Facebook and Twitter were more often now, and it spilled over to real life, at church. Every couple of Sundays there is at least one guy to diss for any reason whatsoever. We dissed a Swedish guy for being patronising against our Filipino culture and insisting that his llifestyle of pestecarianism, social justice, was more trad and more Catholic than ours. We dissed a choirster for complaining about some of us choirsters going to Cavite instead of committing to a TLM in Quezon City. Then there's news of me or a friend becoming verbally abusive to SSPX parishioners. And vice versa. We are all infighting.
Even if we have legitimate reasons why we disagree with those we cancel, ultimately, we were just playing a game of who is the least trad among us.
As a consequence, this poisoned the relationship I was having with my current bf. He called the diocesan trad community "a bunch of echo chambers," and my diocesan trad friends did not approve of my romance with him. I guess that's where they started cancelling me. I still hadn't recovered from my experience with my ex at that time, to be honest, and so yes, it's my fault too.
During therapy, one day, my therapist just had enough of my mental gymnastics at that time. And so she just exclaimed. "Why are you doing this to yourself, Victoria? You're in a cult! You're in a cult!" She kept saying that over and over. "You are doing all these ritualistic things that don't actually make you grow as a person! You are only getting very exhausted!"
I could never forget that.
My psychiatrist told me not to get involved with the sacraments anymore. No Divine Office, no devotions, nothing. I have neglected the secular aspect of my personality for long enough for these ill-thought notions of offering up my suffering for the conversion of unbelievers, etc. I of course, disobeyed her at first, by still attending trad liturgy. But she is really right about the relapse triggers. If I go to Mass or confession, I find myself emotionally drained the next day or couple of days. Then I would be uncharitable and verbally abusive to non-trads all over again.
To the credit of my diocesan trad friends, when we do go to trad liturgy in the diocesan parish, my friends would be welcoming to me and my new bf, and we did have a lot of fun. We ate dinner, and we played Exploding Kittens. We even managed to have one of our other friends over, a Novus Ordo type gym brother. At that time he was also dating someone who belonged to the Iglesia ni Cristo, and he had her over. They were truly sweet to us.
You think it was all fun and games? No. A few months later I found out from my remaining trad friends that there was a gossip club in town. Who are they cancelling? Me and my bf, then our friend and his INC gf.
Well, what goes around, comes around. I deserved it.
And so one day, I listened to my therapist. I stopped going to TLM and then went Novus Ordo again. Still the same effect. I was still relapsing. Engaging in religious activity was just...painful for me now.
Then more intel came in. I had another trad friend, who works as a physical therapist, with whom I lost touch until recently. He suffered a breakup with his cheating gf and he wanted to hang out. My boyfriend and I agreed to come out drinking with him and several other trad friends. It was fun for the most part. One of my trad drinking buddies was someone who does research for a living, we will call him Hans. He was closer to the gossip columns than I was. Then he began to tell me everything that had happened during the Feast of Sto. Rosario and the Feast of Christ the King (EF):
The gossip club in my diocesan parish believed that I was still openly simping over my trad ex, and that I am trying too hard to "flirt-to-convert" my current boyfriend.
Let us say for the sake of argument that I am still in love with my ex and I am just using my current bf. But I want to pose the following questions:
  1. How is that any of their concern?
  2. Is my ex the only reason that I still went to Sto Rosario and Christ the King? That diocesan parish is special to me, even if I don't want to come back there anymore.
  3. Why are you all observing me too much? Aren't you all supposed to concentrate on the liturgy.
Hans was snitching on these gossips, he told me of this facebook chat where they would thrash me and my new bf nonstop. That I can abide and let slide, even if I was truly angry. Why do they accuse me of simping over my ex when in fact it was him who couldn't stop looking at me from time to time and would try to make conversation with me, even if I was far from his side of the table latewr that evening in our favorite ramen place?
I was truly angry, and to be really honest, I was contemplating on hiring people to beat them up.
So, with the new information regarding the gossip club, I finally had a reason to stop going to that parish for good.
I went fully secular.
I'm not atheist, as my "convertodox" guy friend would tell everyone. I could never be atheist after seeing the miracle of the holy Sacrifice. Right now I am just... secular. Or nominal Catholic, something that my Orthodox girl bff actually understands and has experienced as well. For us who still believe, faith is a lifetime struggle. Some of us relapse into degeneracy, some us come back, and many of us fluctuate between piety and acedia. It's a process.
My dad actually noticed this change in myself, and he told me how sad he was. He is what most of my trad friends would consider a boomer modernist. He actually slept through the Roman Canon when I took him to TLM! But he was happy for me when I went trad. To him it meant that I finally get it. And so it was hard him to see me "relapse" into my secular ways, despite fully understanding how toxic my experience with trads are. I couldn't talk to him about this, I just stopped joining him for Rosaries, and then he just knew.
In my account, whenever I feel good enough, I would still go to Mass, but I made sure I wasn't alone. I stopped going to the nearby diocesan TLM and instead opted for the SSPX parish. I don't do it out of habit, I still rarely go, and I go to Low Mass. Then the next day I would file a sick leave from work in order to emotionally recover. I don't socialize with the parishioners after liturgy. It's not that I hate them, it's just that I simply refuse to relapse into my toxic trad ways. This was also why I nuked my Twitter and my Facebook.
I kept my Instagram, where the trad content was more curated. There's more said about reflecting on one's spirituality than about arguing which position is more traditionalist, and so on. It resolved my internal debate about the rather shallow talking points my ex had shoved in me, such as the question of machine learning: there could never be perfect AI, since it was created by imperfect beings. Therefore AI could never truly take over the world and replace human labor. It is just sad that despite all of his erudition, he remains adamant in his position regarding matters like this; conflating politics, culture, economics, and engineering with Catholic morality. He has lost the confidence of several of our trad friends. Or so my trad friends have told me.
When I started looking after my digital wellbeing, I truly started healing. My relationship with my boyfriend has stabilized. He met my friends from the SSPX congregation, and he was impressed how down-to-earth and reflective we were.
I could never imagine an avowed agnostic atheist praising the SSPX congregation for being more mature than the diocesan trads in this aspect. But he does. He is now absolutely insistent that I only attend TLM in an SSPX parish if the mood takes me. I am to absolutely avoid the diocesan parish where I go to. And out of love and respect for his feelings, I obey him.
Back in 2018 I would not have imagined that the Lord would send me a secular to teach me the values of charity and humility. These are the things I could not have learned in trad school. But He did and I am very grateful that my character has improved, even if I am still too far from perfect.
I still go to therapy. Personally I am very much struggling with so many conflicts in my spiritual life. But my doctor assured me that healing is a journey. I guess that's a consolation, and that I could come back and experience the sense of the sacred one day without breaking down.
Do I attend Novus Ordo? Rarely
Do I attend TLM? Even more rarely
Do I go to confession? Not anymore
Do I receive communion? Not anymore
Do I pray the Divine Office? Not anymore
Do I pray the Rosary? Never unless someone invites me. And usually I decline.
I am so tired of keeping this between me, my therapist, my SD, and my closest trad friends. To be honest, I still wanted to keep this to myself. After all, my interior life is none of anyone's business. However, the widespread lack of charity in the trad world has become so pervasive for too long. When I say this out loud to the community most of them would just tune me out, and then go back to their beefs on Facebook and Twitter. They dismiss my arguments as the ramblings of someone with bipolar disorder, or that of someone who has not moved on from my dreadful experience with my ex. They just don't realize the amount of damage to Catholicism that they were doing. They refuse to take responsibility for such things.
Some would listen, but they would classify this cringe behavior as "e-trad behavior" or "rad trad" or "sspx trad" or "weird Catholic twitter" behavior, as if to tell me that they have never done cringe trad behavior in their lives. Sir, please shut up and listen to me: We are all cringe.
And they wonder why the "modernist" clergy hate us? And they wonder why a Cardinal personally intervened to stop a Jesuit priest from saying TLM in his own hospital? And they wonder why a diocesan, trad-friendly, SSPX-friendly bishop is investigating a trad religious order? And they wonder why directors kick out trads from their seminaries?
And they wonder why trads have to go "crypto" while they are inside the seminary? And they get butt mad when they found out that our dear diocesan trad priest wouldn't get promoted by his bishop and has to deal with the contempt of the dean of liturgy in a university?
I honestly feel for Father J. He is a holy man, and he has been very accommodating to us. He does not deserve what is happening to him. He does not deserve to bear our collective trad autism as a cross whenever he is brought up to scrutiny before his bishop and his brother priests. The issue isn't about his preference for TLM. The issue is not that the mainstream clergy find us weird. The issue is we are all acting like animals. Father J beholds Jesus to us in the most Beautiful Form of the Sacrifice, and this is how we pay him? We have been hurting Father J's career.
We are making the crosses of our trad priests unnecessarily big with our collective lack of charity and kindness.
They just. Don't. Get it.
With all of these things in account, I like to think that my ex-boyfriend and his friends have since grown in holiness and charity, after our final falling out back in February this year. He after all, left the gossip group chat with Hans. But then, one of my remaining trad friends suddenly slid in my inbox, and he made a litany of complaints about the online behavior of various rads, including my ex and his gang. Apparently they have made a Facebook meme page where most of everything they do is share a hodgepodge of right-wing, borderline benevacantist, and medievalist fantasist memes that are mostly stolen from other meme pages. Then they super-impose an oversized watermark upon the memes they steal. Even my admin friends at Katoliko Memes PH finds this absolutely cringe.
There's this one account of an Opus Dei numerary friend of mine from a study center in... some place in Manila, who relayed to me the complaints of another numerary about my ex-boyfriend's social media habits. They confided in me that they wanted to spurn him from their centers, though in my opinion that would be too sad for him. Maybe if he were to be on speaking terms with the Opus Dei numeraries, he would expand his perspective with regards to topics and people he considers "worldly."
But then maybe not. It is very much established how unwilling he is to expand his perspective as soon as he deems the topic "worldly." I lent him my copy of Don Norman's Design of Everyday Things with an exhortation for him to read it, because as far-fetched from traditionalism UX is, it led me to ask questions on how to give Catholics a truly sacred experience, and then to traditionalism. I believe that he will need that book, among many others, especially that now he is going to seminary.
I did not ask for the book back.
Another friend complains, and another, and another.
To be really honest, I really wish I want to come back to the faith and receive my sacraments regularly again. But I have been burned by my experience with the entire trad community. They eat each other alive. They have very little charity in their bones. I wish I can at least have a Novus Ordo community to hang out with. And I still have my Tertiary friends. But religion is a relapse trigger to me now.
This is where my logic honestly breaks down. Sympathetic trads could recommend all sorts of self-help on how to get me back into the church and be regular again. Go Novus Ordo, hecc, even attend the problematic Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino! I know that I ultimately have no defensible justifications why I do not wish to come back. Intellectually after all, I can explain why I believe that Catholicism is a requirement for my salvation, and I believe it it all still. But I could not make myself feel that way anymore. I am now emotionally incapable of being Catholic again.
Maybe I will come back to doing regular trad liturgy again. Maybe I will pray the Office daily again. Maybe I won't. That is my concern and not the concern of those trads around me.
I have a lot to say. I am tired of being shut out by these trads. I know and I pray that this experience of mine reaches their feeds. I am aware that if any of my friends would read this, they would know exactly who I am. They can pretend that they had not read what I wrote here. They can subtweet all they want. They can find all the inconsistencies with my testimony as a practical ex-trad. But it's not going to change the fact that the each member of the trad community is responsible for perpetuating the toxicity online and in real life. Myself included. This story is a chastisement for every trad out there who denies full involvement in this downward spiral.
I am counting on it.
tl;dr: Me and my friends were toxic trads, and thus I had to go to therapy and apologize to everyone.
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2020.08.13 20:41 ExecutorAndree My gf(24f) is constantly jealous about my female friends(24m)

so Im(24m) in a relationship with this girl(24f) for over 1,5 years now, we've decided to move in together soon. But I have quite a problem with her, she is quite an insecure person and thus - jealous.
And its obviously a pain in the ass.
She gets all moody and upset quite often when she sees me receiving a message from another girl. She gets upset whenever I share some topic with other girl and not her (like show she doesn't watch or class she doesn't attend). She openly expects me to talk less to my female friends (even tho I really don't talk to them all that much), she tried to limit my hours of talking to them (after 10pm Im not allowed to text girls because its just not right. Not even send a meme. I have to wait to the next day) but she kinda backed off this one. She basically thinks that ideally she should be the only girl I ever wanna talk to, and if she only was pretty/interesting/anything enough, I wouldn't want to keep female friendships. Obviously, me hanging out one-on-one with any other girl would be a big problem.
I can make many more examples like this. Also, she does have male friends and often acts in a way that she would perceive as inapropriate if I did so, like hanging out with them one-on-one or playfully giving some guy a makeup while drunk.
I tried to cope with some of her requests, limiting certain contacts. But she keeps making further requests, so I don't think thats the way to go.
And I don't think I deserve this kind of treatment. I have never cheated on her, flirted with any other woman while in a relationship or anything.
How do I cope with such behavior? How to make her feel less jealous, or handle jealousy when it occurs?
tl;dr My gf is constantly jealous about my female friends, and despite my efforts it doesn't get any better.
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2020.07.21 06:08 RockettheMinifig We weren't allowed to role play our own characters for the whole two sessions, and quit by the third

Hey yall, I'm not sure if I've ever posted this story but I feel as if enough time has passed and me and my party have distanced ourselves enough from this person that its reasonable enough to post it here and that no one involved will recognize it.
For starters, this was a party I had started in our first year of uni between a tight-knit group of friends of about 6-8 people, but at times our cast of literal characters between performing in our studies and playing, so most nights either not everyone, or an overwhelming amount of people, were present. Thus, I won't really focus on the characters as much as addressing the party as a shambling whole, and will only point to character anecdotes when theyre specifically relevant.
At the end of our first campaign, in which I dm'ed, everyone was having a ripping time playing and what I still think to be one of my magic-murder-mystery campaigns I've ever written, but, since I was the only venerated player (everyone else this was their first campaign) I wanted to open the floor to anyone else who was interested in playing as DM to try their hand at it: enter Henry (not his real name, but that was the name of his sorcerer in the first campaign)
Henry wanted to DM, and thusly I was enthused to let someone else take the reigns- and thinking myself a good study-buddy in our classes, and riding the high of thinking I'm a hot shit DM, I (reasonably) strove to teach him how to DM-- I linked him to youtube videos, gave him resources, discussed general philosophies of the role, and gave him all my little notes and tid-bits, sticky notes on how to make up commoner stat blocks on the fly, or how to prepare yourself on players being unpredictable. Since the start of our first campaign he had also taken up Critical Role and by the time it had completed he had managed to catch himself up, which I figured was as best as anyone a teacher on how to do set and story building.
By the time it came to the table, he had thrown away all of it.
Now I'm just going to throw in a caveat here so that it's not a surprise at the end, but the story of this came up and we all learned of it at the end, which was, Henry's girlfriend(s.) None of this is directly D&D related but it adds to the picture of the character that is Henry, the real Henry that we never met until he started DM'ing. Long story short, all during our summer break and into the first few months of our next semester, the semester when this takes place; end of one semester, he has a girlfriend who is a close friend of all of ours but doesn't play D&D; they leave for the summer, he gets back with his old girlfriend (who was a freshman in highschool) and begins to emotionally manipulate and wedge himself into her life until he is controlling things as minute as her daily diet and tracking her location constantly.
Creep and dangerous? yes. Relevance? His proclivity for being desperately in control of everyone becomes more and more apparent to us as the D&D sessions go on, and this tapestry is revealed slowly before us as we sign this social contract to become subservient to his fiction writing.

Session Zero

Now I'm not one to judge someone's worldbuilding, as even silly stupid campaigns can be fun, but, session zero occurred via group chat messaging, and we had all received our character requirements from where he wants us to be seated in the campaign: "level 3", simple enough, "In addition to your ideals, bonds, and flaws, you have to describe how you love your country and its military and would love nothing less than to serve as a soldier. Your division in the military is directly equivalent to your class", 🤔🤔🤔 "be in the military for at least the past five-to-six years, minimum, and can have no prior character conflicts or quests," Okay... so he wants us all playing blank slates.
This was a bit of a major lane shift as we were all fresh off the heels of tasting playing one character and now onto developing a second, and me being able to make my own character and play among them rather than as a DM, so many of us tried to get some wiggle room, and all regards we were stonewalled with "you can do anything as long as you fulfill those requirements". But at the end of the day the majority of us either relented or revolted, and came to the table with nothing related to what the described-- in the end, it didn't matter.

Session one

At this point all of us were revving our engines to be able to play again regardless of the circumstances: enter: Henry, again, throwing a wrench in that.
Again, not judging someone for their worldbuilding, but we all find ourselves stationed at what is described as both the most tactically important island-base in all of the fantas-sea setting, and the most insignificant hand-waved theyll-never-attack-here base in the entire kingdom. We were given no introduction when suddenly the obvious happens and the base is attacked by speedboats with cannons and machine guns; technology never seen before-- whoo who, our first combat! Everyone quickly gears up to jump into action, see what we're all up to, but slowly Henry raised a hand and said "No, your commanding officers begin to instruct you with orders, and being good soldiers you follow them. All the fighters and barbarians brigades begin to counter-attack, the warlocks form a firing line, and the clerics are all healing." This was met by several raised hands, including I, our tempest cleric who wasn't a healer and our elderich tome-warlock who took the healer feat, and, explicitly in their backstory, was a healer and medical doctor.
All this was met with a single hand wave and a smug smile with a singular quote which was the first red flag that things had gone off the rails, or more so, very very much on them: "Guys, just let me do this."
And so, our DM, for two an a half hours, narrated to us in full detail a battle that we were taking place in, including voicing our characters he had never met having buddy-buddy or good-cop-rival-cop interactions that our characters had supposedly known, but we the players had not, given about as much context as literally opening to the middle of a book and starting reading. All the while, any questions we had were met with a short pause, a smug smile, and a hand wave before we surrendered asking, captive audience to his battle story.
I don't recall especially what happened next, as it was so mind numbing, but the long short of it is we're losing the battle to obviously superior technology. All the party members, still never having met one another, get teleported against their will into a UFO in which an busty anime woman tells us that we are all required to be a team or she'll instantly and unceremoniously kill us, our warlock loses access to her patron and it instead becomes the anime woman, and our cleric loses access to their spells because "She's more powerful than their god." I, when asking some pretty compelling counter arguments had my mouth erased, and (this may be apocryphal) when our barbarian asked a question the anime woman (either permanently or it was just for that session) reduced their Int by 1 just for defying her. All in all, this was fairly poorly received, and by in large became a stand in for the DM.
So the session ends with us getting teleported back down to the mainland, except were in a floating inescapable crystal arena in which a massive land shark is battling us. I believe someone tried to blink or misty step out but the anime woman stopped them saying we had to fight the land shark. The land shark nearly TPK's the party before most of us get to take any actions, we do zero damage to it, and the encounter ends with the ships we were fighting (that he was controlling, mind you,) one-shotting the land shark then being so terrified of the thing they already killed they leave, and the party is rescued and declared heroes for both simultaneously defeating the land shark in the sky and the ships all at once.

Session two.

We're all in hospital from our injuries, but were all in shackles and also the guards keep referring to us as the prisoners for no reason, says the DM. Now I'll say now that we're all given very obvious but minute hints that this is some kind of jail break mission, but, as the DM later revealed that was not the case at all. Let alone the fact that he tells us that we are given exactly fifteen minutes until "the General" is coming in to "see the prisoners" and the not so subtle overtones that "our government doesnt take prisoners" it seemed a rational fit. Hence, the terrible awful escape sequence in which all attempts to do anything were met with the three nurses using their infinite reactions to instantly move to us and be able to grapple us, restrain us, or bap us in the forehead causing us to instantly lose concentration on any spells or prevent any spells from casting.
While I admit the title was a bit of clickbait, it truly was every single action any one of our seven party members took was fully hand waved and countered with "Just let me do this." Our warlock finally gets the upper hand at one point by fleeing the nurse when taken into an adjacent room for testing, and the moment she opens the door the DM describes how the whole ward is, and I mean every walkable square, is filled with guards. With this we finally start to try to push past them, our bard getting a fog cloud down using the excuse of "the nurses cant walk up to me if I am surrounded by guards, no?" and him, disgruntled, finally allows it, and we all manage to run further than our beds in the chaos.
The next series of events I can only describe in bullet points, as the entire circumstances are so convoluted that there is no other explanation than the DM was struggling like grappling a wet eel to obey his divine command.
  • The fog cloud is cast, the bard, barbarian, and warlock flee
  • A guard is pushed over in the ensuing chaos.
  • That guard instantly dies by falling on his own torch and combusting. The fog cloud is still active.
  • On a loudspeaker, the general (Who is still walking on his way here) announces that we've murdered a guard, and that the council of 256 captains of their military have put it to a vote, and his murder is nothing short of treason, and thus we the party all have been sentenced to death.
  • The remainder of the party (cleric, rogue, other rogue, and ranger) get to their turns and use their whole action to flee the medical ward to regroup.
  • We evade all guards, by hiding in the bushes, and with the generals office 10 feet in front of us, approach and plea our innocence.
  • The general, standing alone in his office, believes us with some convincing, saying that it was a mistake, but since the ruling was by popular vote of the captains he cannot simply hand wave and over rule our death sentence.
It has been a total of about 30 seconds in game since we left the medical ward, and about 60 seconds since the events of the guard fell on his torch, died because of it, then the command learned of it, convened, and decided we were at fault and murderers.
  • We all plea that since he is the general, he should have some diplomacy and persuasion over the captains, and could argue our case,
  • A large red crystal about the size of a Sims™ plumbus appears in the center of the room and proceeds to drill down the top of the generals head, instantly killing him. From the crystal speaks the busty anime woman, claiming that she was bored and we weren't obeying her (she has given us no orders yet) so she needed to up the ante.
  • We refuse to do what she says out of sheer spite of her (effectively, the DMPC) constantly fucking with us like that, and they try to pull a "I can be your angle, or yuor devil tee-hee" on us before blinking out of existence.
  • End of session two.
At this point, many of us were stunned. Post session D&D chatting was a tradition at this point, so many of us said our good-nights then retreated to instantly turn around and discuss how much that was not only a slog but was an unbridled railroading. Thru both sessions, I the former DM, was gently giving feedback like "maybe let us play tooo" or "maybe dont make us feel like we need to escape if you explained in earnest after the fact that you had no idea why we got those impressions and also did nothing to stop the situation." I can understand how you could read a lot of this and say "well, a lot of this really could be first-time-mistakes," but I just wanted to reiterate that, we were telling him things like "this seems kind of railroady" or contesting him not letting us do things, him bending or breaking combat rule allowances, or questioning the absurdity of certain situations, and he would always either double down or retaliate saying that he had a larger intentional plan and that we were either being obtuse or "not letting him just do this."
At this point we had all resolved to leave, but being the socially awkward shambling mound that was each and every one of us, none could build up the spirit to say we quit until after session 3.

Session 3

The session starts with us getting on a carriage, escaping with our lives and leaving the coastal* base that we were on onward to where the anime woman commanded us to travel next. (*Coastal? I brought this up as well at the time, and he had completely ret-conned our whole reason for being there, where we were, or why, without telling us, and was just hoping by context clues that we would just keep rolling with the "dont ask questions" bit.)
We leave and our barbarian is instantly thanos snapped away by the anime woman, completely unprompted, not even while they were doing something We were simply mid ride and the DM says "Barbarian, you don't feel so good. Everyone watches you lift up your hands in awe as you turn to dust. You are, by all means, dead." We were in such blind disamusement at this point that I was convinced he was merely underground, and began to dig. Within moments we found a random buried treasure chest with several 7th level scrolls, but as he then informed us before we used them that as a homebrew rule if you try to use a scroll there is a % chance it destroys your soul. We stash the loot.
Entering the next nearest town, the party settles in for the night at an inn, as I the cleric wandered around looking for a temple-- instead finding a large excavation site of a massive stone hand, spanning "two football fields." In another stroke of turn-based-genius by our DM, I jokingly flip off the large buried hand statue, which promptly turns to life and flattens the town before the rest of the party even get to take their actions as part of the "and we go into the tavern and relax" action. They are quite literally standing at the door supposedly supposed to be acting simultaneous to my own characters half-hour-in-game detour, but, the whole tavern along with the rest of the town is flattened, and we quickly re-saddle and leave, Henry agawk that we, third level characters, don't want to fight the massive stone town-squisher, and upset that we refuse to see all the fun different laser beams and black holes that instantly kill us that he worked so hard on writing, ends the session early.
It basically only took one player saying to our group chat that they were no longer interested in playing, for everyone to just reply "yeah, same" and let him down as gently as possible.
He had a meltdown, spiraling into a deep depressive self loathing attitude about how we ruined things for his fun, and how he had twenty-four of those giant hand bosses (that was the easiest) planned and how each one was scheduled to take about a single semester of our uni and it was going to be some grand epic tale (just run the quick math there, he had eight years of a D&D campaign supposedly pre-planned out) but none of us wanted to follow the story he had so carefully crafted for us, and that he kept fighting so hard for us to stay on the plot he was planning out, this was our fault.
This was hard for all of us, most of us having some sociable if not direct relationship with mental health stuff, as he proceeded over the next few months, if not with his words than his actions blame us entirely for his lack of friends (again, pointing back to the events of the top, he was a dick to his ex-GF which was the primary pull for him in our friend group) , the failings of his relationship (the college-GF, not the highschool girlfriend which he persisted with thruout the remainder of our stay at uni) his lack of prospects with his classes (yea turns out his college ex-girlfriend was in good standing with all of his professors) and his overall enjoyment with D&D.
In the end, all of us have a healthy relationship with D&D now, but for a hot while that really put us all on the defensive as we struggled to recover from that shitshow, but while none of us play together we still occasionally meme stories about "Just let me have this."
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2020.07.10 00:27 Chewy_Warrior 28/M Looking for genuine friends

I'm looking for more than a one day long friendship since most people tend to disappear after 24 hours. Ideally anyone between 23-33, I'm a night owl so all timezones are welcome
A little about me: When I'm not working on my first novel I can typically be found watching slice of life anime with my gf or baking. I'm always trying new types of music as long as it's got good harmonics! I love obscure shitposts and memes so I'm always happy to swap them
Feel free to send me a DM, I'm always open to chat to anyone
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2020.07.09 23:24 Chewy_Warrior 28/M Looking for genuine people

I'm looking for more than a day long friendship since most people tend to disappear after 24 hours. Ideally anyone between 23-33, I'm a night owl so all timezones are welcome
A little about me: When I'm not working on my first novel I can typically be found watching slice of life anime with my gf or baking. I'm always trying new types of music as long as it's got good harmonics! I love obscure shitposts and memes so I'm always happy to swap them
Feel free to send me a DM, I'm always open to chat to anyone
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2020.07.09 15:10 Garmo738 Throwback Thursday: old gods

Let's go back to the start for this one.
My name is Garmo, I am reddit's poetry troll. This is the story of my friendship with u/w33nuz.
Once upon a time I was a happy little hobbit, building houses, fathering babies, writing shitty poems, and reading distinctly better ones. Out of books.
Reddit was for shitty memes and askhistorians.
Then I stumbled across poetasters. Shout out to gunnysaxon (HWMNBN) . Cue u/bootstraps17, spamming us all with his high quality BULLSHIT. I finally got sick of the lack of critical response to his work and - bang- I was hooked.
Yadda yadda--several months of me talking high grade nonsense about high grade amateur poetry. I'm loving life. I may not write grate pomes- but I'm great at telling you why yours are shit.
Then, after six years of having a reddit account- I get my first DM. My heart sinks. I just quit fb two years earlier- here we go again.
Just as I feared. It's a crazy. They're drawn to me. They can fuckin feel it- a vibration in my soul. It calls to them.
'hey I noticed you have been commenting on a lot of people's poems and you seme to know what youre talking about but you haven't ever commented on mine just wandering why do you think I'm a good poet u can be honest I can take it let me know'.
Everloving Fu k.
I dutifully check this person out. They have written a love poem to their ex gf whose name is wong kar wai- about which I didn't understand a word-, and an Elegy in which they make it clear they have not read a single important Elegy in the history of poetry before diving in, balls deep, dunking at a 5-foot hoop.
I didn't know what to do. I was kinda enjoying writing bullshit about poetry. But whew Chile this guy seems nuts.
Then- Anubis.
Which at the time ended with the immortal line:
'my shadow stretching/ further away from me than ever before'
It also started with
'yes, men sometimes bathe'.
Anyway, turns out nuz is my spirit animal. Wong kar wai is a babe. Yes, men bathe still makes my hobbit toes curl.
And Anubis is a pubsuhbuh poem.
And, I guess this is the story of collective works.
Me and Nuz are doing our best- which doesn't mean a lot. I guess the de facto motto of the sub are these lines from Walcott, which I often quote to myself when I do not feel like writing:
"One could abandon writing
for the slow-burning signals
of the great, to be, instead,
their ideal reader, ruminative,
voracious, making the love of masterpieces
superior to attempting
to repeat or outdo them,
and be the greatest reader in the world."
Anyway- thanks for reading and good luck with your all your endeavours.
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2020.07.04 00:47 Norcon72 So I just wanted to say...

I just discovered this community less than a week ago, entirely by accident, and it’s been amazing, and a little scary, how much of an eye-opening experience it’s been. Like, it’s probably too early to tell, but I might start dividing my life into pre and post finding this community. (That’s not weird, is it?)The thing is, I’ve been so frustrated by the idea of romance for so long; I’ve never really been in a serious relationship before, but talking to some of my married friends, or reading stuff online, it always sounded so exhausting. I just didn’t see the point, or how it could possibly be as rewarding as people said it was. And so, for the past few years, I’ve been seriously wondering if I might be aromantic, but that never felt right though; like I’d still fantasize about women in romantic non-sexual situations so that couldn’t be it. Then a few days ago, while bored and looking for something novel, I started browsing random subreddits and stumbled across this one. I had heard of romantic role reversal before (if not by that name specifically). I remember reading an article online (c. 2012ish) about the rise of stay at home dads and a co-worker of mine once mentioning that his ideal relationship would involve him staying at home and her working, but I never thought much of it. Stumbling across a subreddit dedicated to it, however, really piqued my curiosity. I started reading, discussion posts, memes, and art with lots of comments, sorting by new, sorting by top. I read everything on the welcome page: rules, FAQ, advice for men, advice for women, anything and everything I could find. And the more I read, the more I understood; my problem was never that I didn’t want romance, it’s that I don’t want to fill the traditionally masculine role in a relationship. There’s an entry on the FAQ that puts it exceptionally well:
In a Role Reversed world, it would entail women getting flowers for their men, taking them out to romantic dinners, and generally being the one with more initiative in the relationship that she falls more aligned as the leader or main agent. She texts and calls her man with a gusto, may feel more inclined to sets up dates to spend time with him, and is the one usually giving the “wink wink, nudge nudge” about getting sexual favors. It means the man is the enthusiastic follower, the one who supports and cares for her, who likes to ignite her fire and be more "acted upon", he may feel more inclined on average to defer to her final say when it comes to important decisions even if both participate in the process
This is what I want (what I’ve always wanted, and never realized;) to be her rock, her support. To light her fire and support the pursuit of her goals in exchange for her love and affection. For her to take the lead and me to enthusiastically follow, her to be the decider and me her advisor. Her the breadwinner and I the homemaker, and not in the lazy, ‘I don’t have to work if I do a few chores? Sweet!’ way, but in the supportive ‘I love and appreciate everything you do and sacrifice to make this family work, so I do my best to make sure you can come home to a nice home and a warm meal and don’t have to worry about anything’ way. It’s difficult to describe how striking this revelation has been. Like I sort of knew this was here because I would say things like, “My ideal gf needs to have total top energy,” or “I love the idea of a woman who is smarter than I/is more skilled than me at a traditionally masculine skill/hobby.” I just never knew how deep it went, and this has led me to question other assumptions I’ve had about myself. Not going to lie, it’s a little scary but like, in a good way? Idk I’m rambling now, so let me end with a question; tell me guys, and ladies, did any of you go through any of this when you first realized you preferred RR over TR?
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2020.07.02 23:43 III-Hens A guy from the Internet took advantage of the girl [19] I [19M] like

This was my first year at college; in my group there was a girl whom I really didn't notice for a while, but later on, in Winter, if I'm correct, we started texting. Not very seriously at first, our conversations were mostly restricted to sending memes to each other, joking, asking for homework etc. Though we had talked about some important personal things from time to time like attitude to parents, family issues, exes, long-term life goals, two or three times - even about politics; and so on. Indeed, I started to like her somewhat, not in a romatical way at first, but such things tend to change quickly, you know. I figure, the turning point was in February, when I failed to reconnect with my current ex, from then on I really looked for an opportunity to go out with this university girl.
You know, we both were having great fun during our web-conversations, real life too, though with all this lockdown, I couldn't go to the college and meet her much in Spring. Then summer exams came, she really helped me a lot with preparation for the toughest one, and I began to think she has sympathy for me. I promised to buy her a drink for all that help, and, actually, called her out for a sort of walk-and-drink date. She agreed immediately, and so I went to her town yesterday (she lived in dormitory while studying, but had to move to the hometown after the pandemic started).
Again, we had a great time talking, joking and walking, she seemed to be really happy to see me; we finished evening with a bottle of white wine while enjoying pretty scenery on a top of a hill. It was going really well, she told me she doesn't have a boyfriend, we then again talked about serious stuff. At that time I pulled the stunt I planned to do a long time ago: asked her to close her eyes, take my hand and say what kind of figure can she see (right before that we talked about abstract paintings, so the timing was ideal). And then, yep, I hugged and kissed her and asked her to become my girlfriend.
And then the worst part started, she told me that though there is no actual bf of her, somewhere in the remote part of the country a guy she likes exhists. She hasn't seen him much, but they have a sort of relationship via the Internet, he knows her well (and I do not, of course) etc. All that was said while I was hugging her and she didn't even struggle to pull my arm away – funny, you know. She finished telling me that she has to say “No” because she didn't want to lie me or him.
We then went back to the railroad, both drunk, continued talking about even more deep metaphysical stuff. I didn't feel bad or heartbroken, just annoyed a bit, maybe because of the alcohol or something. I nearly missed the train, but this girl was very helpful: insisted on taking a taxi and actually paid for it; all I could do in exchange at that moment is to cover her from the rain with my shirt. Anyway, we got to the station right in time, and before leaving I hugged and lifted her as I was used to do, surprisingly, she kissed me then, aiming for my lips, I guess, but missed a half of an inch because of the lift. And then she asked me to text back when I get home.
I am not illusional about this bittersweet ending, I think she just tried to be as nice as possible after saying painful things. Anyway, as my own experience of online relationships suggest, these do not continue for too long, often breaking after the very first real date. I just want to ask you, fellow redditors, should I seek for a second chance some time later this/next year or forget about it once and for all (I have almost done the latter).
TL;DR: Was having a great time communicating with a girl from my college for half of a year, finally called her out for a date, she agreed. Asked her about a bf then, she said there's none, proceeded to asking her to become my gf only to know that a random guy whom she hasn't really seen much has already established online relationships with her.
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2020.07.02 19:06 Aromatic_wonder001 He’s with her but acting like he wants me

I have a friend who I have known for a few years, he has a girlfriend and he’s been with her before we became friends. We met through work and we get along really well and still work together. In the past year he’s become quite intense with the way he is acting. He’s become very needy and wants to talk and text all the time. Gets upset when I don’t respond and start sending quotes and cryptic memes on Instagram. He always wants to meet up and spend time together. I have never met his girlfriend and he doesn’t talk about her at all.
He’s acting like those guy that start catching feelings in the friend zone but he’s already got a girlfriend. I don’t understand why men do this? I don’t want him to have feeling for me and start being strange and ruin our friendship.
He’s very full on, always watching my social media liking and commenting on my pictures, sending me random photos throughout the day - even picnic ones when he’s with his gf but makes it look like he went alone saying “oh you should be here” Found out by looking at her social media with similar photos to what he sent to me.
How do I keep him arms length and make sure this doesn’t go further on his head. I have zero feeling for him, emotionally and sexually. He’s not my type at all. I don’t find him attractive. So there is no way I’d want to get with him even if he was single.
I haven’t had a conversation yet. Ideally I just want to distance myself from him and I’ve tried to become less available, but unsure how to approach this going forward.
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2020.06.28 16:14 Ashen_Marines Sunday Tactica: Relics of the Legion

Hello there! This is part two of the Sunday tactica I have been creating for us WE players and since the first one seemed to do quite well I believe it merited continuation. Last week I focused on stratagems and their optimisation going into 9e and this week I thought I would take a look at the plethora of relics available to our legion. Relics are actually the area where our legion really shines, with tonnes of impressive combat boosters available. Unfortunately we don’t really have any buffer zone relics which are arguably some of the most useful in the competitive scene, but I believe there is a trade off between those and the damage ceiling increase offered by the likes of Gorefather and co. So, without further ado, let’s take a look.
Crimson Killer: GW has long had a kink for creating relic pistol weapons and I get that. The idea of a heroic character with a named, iconic sidearm is pretty cool. However, historically they have not really seen much play. However, the Crimson Killer is actually pretty damn decent as pistol relics go. You never need to overcharge it (as it is a plasma pistol) because it’s always hitting on s9 with damage 3, which is really decent. The addition of a mortal wound on a 4+ is pretty cool too, 50% of the time you’re piling on a little extra damage, not bad. As with all pistols, it is let down by its range, and the fact it only fires one shot. I guess you can shoot it in cc too, which is fun, but at the end of the day, this thing is still a pistol. Is it fun? Definitely. Is it worth bringing? Probably not, there are much better relics out there, though it’s not to be sniffed at. Personally Ive never brought it myself, but that’s not to say it’s not worth it. But to me, this feels like the stat block of what Kharns pistol should be rather than something I am spending resource to acquire. Solid B level relic in my opinion.

Gorefather: Oh mama. I mean, really, this is probably the best relic in any of our books. Trying to put into words how effective this really is must be akin to Kharn trying to formulate a sentence under the pressure of the nails. Let’s break it down. You’re probably slapping this on a lord, bc you want him to survive and exalted champions get sniped super fast. So it’s likely you’re gonna be hitting on s6 (which is okay) at ap2 d3. Sadly, it’s minus one to hit, but this isn’t the end of the world. You can use stoke the nails to proxy dttfe on 6+ if you’re fighting imperium, which I would recommend, as any extra hits can really pay off at this point. Similarly, if you are using allied sorcerers, prescience will do the job here (and combined with stoke, could get dttfe on 5+). Anyway, there are tonnes of ways of augmenting the wound roll from VotLW to soultearer portent, so the s6 should really not be an issue here. What is fantastic is that on rolls of 6 (unmodified sadly) you do flat 3 mortal wounds instead of normal damage. This ability is beyond huge. Your typical sequence of rolling in 40k is hit/wound/save/damage. The ability to bypass one of these steps is incredibly powerful. And the best part is, any non-6 to wound can still be 3 damage if the saves are failed

A question was put to me on the Discord before I finalised this piece regarding the -1 to hit with GF and what the best way to mitigate this is. It’s an interesting point worth considering. Overall, you’re going to be hitting on 3+ rerolling 1s, but I get that it’s times like that where you roll only 2’s. There are a couple of workarounds. The simplest solution is to use an allied sorcerer and cast prescience on the lord, giving him +1 to hit, which will in turn return his dttfe ability. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, stoke the nails can also be used to return dttfe and the combo of both grants it on 5++ which is a hot combination. The downside is it looks like allied detachments are going to be costly so it might not be ideal to introduce a sorcerer into the mix, and in addition, if we look at the spell list for any new casters, it seems to be legion/chapter restricted, so I would say the days of warptiming world eaters are coming to a close. One other option which is fluffier and doesn’t introduce allies, while not being as effective, is using a dark apostle and the dark zealotry prayer (which he knows innately). This allows you to reroll all hits now, so you can pick up those 2s and toss them again. Decent, and I believe the apostle has a real place in a WE list so it’s not like he would only be used for that. Again, can be used with stoke for more efficiency.

The sad aspect is GF can only be put on a lord/exalted champion. Due to the decreased customisability of chaos the weapon upgrades are few and far between. I firmly believe that if the apostle gains the ability to take additional wargear, like a chainaxe, gorefather would be far more effective on him. Omen of potency as a prayer could up the anti on this guy to beyond lord levels and opens up some interesting options. As is, the lord is the best bet for the time being.

Having said all that, the application of this relic is incredible. You can ignore pesky invuln saves, you can scythe through 1w infantry, you can overcome high T vehicles/monsters. There is no enemy in the game this weapon is not effective against, and there are a plethora of stratagems which can be used to augment its ability further, including extra ap, +s to wound and more. The best part, it’s an upgrade to a weapon that costs a mere 1pt. Man I love this relic. It’s better than any thunder hammepower fist and comes at a fraction of the cost. This is probably our best relic available, and I really hope it ports over into the new edtion. Solid A+++ from me on this one.

Banner of Rage: Okay, coming down from the Gorefather high now. The banner of rage is a very interesting relic. It has since been FAQd so you have to always be in range of the banner to gain its benefits, so no more activating it and running off with the zerkers while still being buffed. Nevertheless, despite this slight nerf, I still rate this as quite a usable relic.

Essentially what you are getting is a once per game ability that allows an apostle to grant everyone within 6” an extra attack. Situationally, this could probably win you games. As we all know, zerkers and co generally overkill units to high heaven, but they are not our only combat units. This ability can be used to modify other units such as talons/raptors/basic csm/insert combat unit here. Sadly, it is once per game so you’re really waiting for the ideal opportunity to pop it off, however I think I’m not the only one who feels like there is always one key fight phase in a game where the game itself is either won or lost.

The fact that it is not limited to infantry is also worth nothing, especially moving into an edition where dreads are looking spicy, this extra attack could really push them the extra mile, and likewise with any daemon engines too. Would I be bringing this relic as a starter player so to speak? Probably not, but it’s definitely keeping the bench warm and if I’m coming up against a relevant foe, I would definitely consider paying the CP to add it in. The biggest issue is that it is only active once per battle and I don’t really understand why. Many other armies have access to similar relics, only latently, and I feel like if you are taking up your relic slot with such a buff it should be constantly active. That being said, if it was always active I would probably bring this in every game, so maybe it would be OP.

Berzerker Glaive: I call this one the warlord relic. It’s probably one of the most underrated relics we have access to, simply because people look at it and say meh, Gorefather is better in cc. You’re damn right it is. This weapon is diet Gorefather, however, it has one ace up its sleeve. Trading damage output for survivability, the Glaive allows one character to gain a 5+++, disgustingly resilient to those unfamiliar with FNP saves. This might sound, meh, like ok whatever, small little buffer zone to keep the boy alive. Think about it though, if you were offered to negate 33.33% of all damage on one character, would you do it? We’ve all played DG, we all know how annoying it is when the opponent wont stop making DR saves and ruining your day. Well, this is why I call it the warlord relic. Slap this on your WL and he goes the extra mile, staying alive for much longer and proving to be quite a headache if left unchecked.

Aside from the survivability, the actual statline is respectable. At s5, ap2, d2, this means your WL is no slouch in cc and as mentioned with Gorefather, there are plenty of strats/powers/prayers which can augment this further. If you play WE like me, your characters are typically in the thick of the action and usually die pretty swift, so giving your WL some nice punch and a chance to live to the next turn where he can save you points by bravely falling back is pretty sweet. I really rate this relic, and before you knock it, try it. I didn’t rate it until I used it, and now I rarely leave home without it. Definitely a high B+ if not an A- from me here.

Helm of Furore: For such a cool descriptive paragraph preluding this relic, it provides some thoroughly underwhelming abilities. It’s very much a classic “GW writing chaos with fluff in mind” relic. See, abilities such as kharn killing his own men and in the belly of the beast for more like this. It seems the rules writers are incapable of writing chaos rules without inserting at least one meme, and I think this is ours. So, what are we looking at. Well, your bearer gains +2 str. Nice. That’s…pretty much it. Oh if you’re within 8” of the enemy you have to charge, alright yeah typical. Look, not to bury this one without giving it much thought but I really don’t ever see a situation in which I would pick this over any other relic available to us. The fact that it is restricted to infantry only compounds the issue further. On a daemon prince or lord discordant I would actually really rate this relic, but at best you’re looking at a s12 thunder hammepower fist, which is definitely not worth it in my opinion. I mean for example, we can compare this to GF which also offers +2 str with a tonne of other bonuses or the Glaive which is one less strength but adds survivability. This just seems dumb and poorly thought out in my opinion. Probably the weakest relic we have to offer. D- from me on this one.

Bloodhunger: Another cool descriptive for this one, spooky armour that keeps you alive, lots of room there for neat conversions. However, unlike the HoF, I reckon this relic is worth considering. Essentially for every model you kill on a 4+ you regain a lost wound. Super neat, relics like this are always welcome. However, the best part is that you can put this relic on anyone. So while it’s nice on a lord or whatever, this really shines when given to either a daemon prince or a lord discordant, most notably the latter. Looking at a DP, they typically shed a wound or two before making combat and with the volume of attacks a talon prince puts out, it’s reasonable to expect they would regain these lost wounds with this relic. However, on lord disco this really excels. They have SO MANY attacks and the capacity to pick up many models in the fight phase, coupled with their own innate healing abilities, this relic can make them a real pain in the side to actually bring down. However, if they get brought down in one round of shooting before they make combat it feels a bit pants, but with cover and such changing I reckon this relic has a lot of potential and would definitely consider running it. It’s probably not an autotake, but if you’re bringing a daemon engine list I would definitely keep it in the back pocket as an extra relic to crack out.

Zaal the Wrathful: Not strictly a WE exclusive relic, but one for the boys nonetheless. As with all daemon weapons it has the chance to hurt you (classic GW) but Zaal is a tasty little bad boy. Augmenting your own Str on a 2+ is sweet, ap5 is a good meme bc who needs anything more than ap4 and damage 2 is healthy. This weapon was made to kill primaris and co, and probably nothing bigger. You might get excited and think “well if I roll a 5/6 im wounding that knight on 3+, and you’d be right. 66.66% of the time though, you aint, and I don’t like those odds. It’s best to play it safe with this one and tackle smaller units/vehicles where a low roller doesn’t damn you. Im not a huge fan of variable weapon types, but look, it’s a reasonable weapon and it is only a power sword upgrade so it’s cheap. On a DP this might be even more useful but Im not sure. Gorefather has a bigger place in my heart and I think these two weapons are comparable. Overall, decent, but nothing that will win you games most likely.

Talisman of Burning Blood: Before PA this was an old favorite. Advancing and charging is always a great ability, and it’s even better on super fast discordant. Rerolling failed charges is a nice addition too. There’s lots of play with this relic and it has a home on any disco/dp. Im especially fond of it in a list with three discordants in a soulforged pack, one with the WL trait for +2 move, one with talisman and the other stock. Thanks to SFP you can advance and charge one, talisman allows you to advance and charge another and if you have an allied sorcerer he can warptime the third. In an ideal situation you’re yeeting three terrifying cc beasts up the board but regardless, it gives you options, and options are fantastic in a game of Warhammer. It’s a classic relic which will always have a place in my heart.

Brass Collar of Borghaster: As deny relics go, it’s fine. Denying the witch is important as WE, though we do have a strat for it and if you’re allying in Flesh hounds or karanak they have it covered too. However, this doesn’t make this relic bad. Like I said, options are good and more denies means more options. In saying that, I would never go to an event with this as my chosen relic, but maybe if I was coming up against a psychic wall I would pay a cp to bring it along. Maybe. It’s an okay relic, very middle of the road, probably not worth it vs other relics.

My overall ranking of the relics would be: *Gorefather +Berzerker Glaive +Banner of Rage +Zaal the Wrathful +Bloodhunger +Talisman of Burning Blood +Crimson Killer +Brass Collar of Borghaster +Helm of Furore
Okay so that about covers the legion/god specific relics. There are some more relics in the base codex which I will quickly skim through but honestly I don’t rate any of these as more useful than the specific relics, but it’s worth noting they exist at the least.

Murder Sword: Okay, this has to be one of the biggest memes of 8th. Back in the day everyone always told me “bring the murder sword its such a good relic”, so I did, and it was ass. Its just a slightly modded power sword that does mortals on hits against a specific character which you choose at the start of the game. Like, what? Maybe I’m not seeing something, but in my opinion this falls below D tier, in fact I would classify this as a Z tier relic. It’s like Zaal the Wrathful’s ugly fat younger sibling that no one wants to play with. Get out of here Murder Sword.

Axe of Blind Fury: Okay here we go again with the trademark “GW writing chaos with fluff in mind” treatment. The axe of blind fury is a decent weapon, your typical lord coming in at a solid s7, ap3 d3 damage. Lovely. Pity that it kills your own guys on the hit roll of 1, which cant be rerolled. Typical. I’m so done with these rules. For some reason it really only seems to be chaos who are capable of killing their own models and it’s very tiresome. This relic has a really nice statline which could turn a lord into a respectable combat beast for a small upgrade cost but instead he loses his aura upon himself and has to stand back from his boys on the offchance he cuts them down, which, with changes to character targeting rules, means the baneblade will be able to send him straight back into the warp in the next turn. Just thinking about these rules is inducing its own Blind Fury for myself. Essentially, you’re getting diet Kharn here, with a fraction of the attacks and much the same otherwise. Is it worth it? No, because I’ll just take a relic which doesn’t cause me to lose valuable points of my own army, from my own hand.

Let’s even take a moment to compare this with the berserker glaive. So you lose 2 from str and 1 from ap, which isn’t insignificant, but instead of attacking my own guys, I gain a 5+++. Now, who in their right mind would take that trade off? Survivability of my own lord with slightly less offensive power vs higher offense but the chance to kill my own troops. I mean come on GW, this is dumb.

There’s other relics in the specialist detachments which I could get into, such as the mechaserpents or the host raptorial one (something something sky claw blah blah) but I don’t really rate them. I’ve tried them in a few battles and ultimately it felt like a waste of resource compared to some of the other options on the table so I won’t be making this post any longer than it needs to be. Feel free to experiment around with them, but ultimately I think the best relics are the ones stated above.

So, final thoughts on the relics. I think there are some key big players which are capable of augmenting our already formidable HQs into serious combat threats. Many factions enjoy relics which are buffer zones, but sadly we only have the banner of rage which stands at a once per game ability anyway and personally I prefer for my buffs to last the whole game rather than one phase. Instead, we can focus on the improvement of characters to the point that they can seriously threaten big players on the tabletop, and you can see this with the likes of Gorefather and even Zaal.

Personally, my default selection currently is two jump lords, one with gorefather (who is also the host raptorial field commander) and one with zerker glaive (warlord with apoplectic frenzy). This combo is a nice powerhouse, one of which typically charges headlong in and does damage, dying shortly after, and the other picks on the weak and is a chore to bring down. I’ll dive more into this specific build in a later article which focuses on list builds, but it is currently my favorite way to run WE.

However, there are many ways of taking the likes of daemon princes and lord discos and upping their anti, as we thankfully have some sweet relics which help move them fastekeep them alive/heal them/etc. Given the disco was probably the biggest star of csm in 8th, these relics only enhance its already formidable profile. Definitely up there as some of my go to options if the list is right. Look to Talisman, Bloodhunger and the like here. I’m especially eager to revisit these ideas in 9th when it will be harder to draw sight to these formidable combat units, something definitely to keep an eye on.

Overall, I would be bold enough to say that the relics available to us are some of the strongest that CSM can take, and probably more impressive than our strats and warlord traits. Now that is a big statement, but the mileage you can get from some of them can really push cheap characters into the realms of taking down models more than double their points value. At a surface level they may not look like much, but I urge you to try them out, you will be impressed. Play around with a few and see what kind of relic builds suit your style, because thankfully we have plenty of choice here. I hope you’ve found this article useful, and next week I’ll be deep diving into the warlord traits, with special focus on getting the most from specialist detachments. Adios.
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2020.06.23 22:57 CheerfulSunsinger Analysis: The Heroine in a Harem - What makes Makoto such a powerful, beloved and groundbreaking character

HEROINE [her-oh-in ]
  1. a woman noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.
  2. a woman who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal
  3. the principal female character in a story, play, film, etc.
Here is the essay 2 of 3. The most important one.
I find harem anime repulsive. I hated that Persona 4 was one in disguise, undermining its own messages about the "Power of Friendship/Love" being something you build with personal growth, emotional intelligence and interpersonal outreach, not something handed to you because you're a hot protagonist. I was unpleasantly surprised that P4 Arena's hero Yu, in the original game, turned out to be a nameless, perfect boy that was supposed to be "me," who was the center of the universe, to help young men feel like a sex god. I was very disappointed and disgusted when P4’s anime leaned into this instead of the good parts. They made him an emotionless Gary Stu that stared at the wall, while three girls worshiped him, instead of making him grow into an emotionally intelligent man-among-boys, because they were simply too terrified to get him to speak, smile, chat about the weather with a girl his age, or look at them too long. I'm troubled that Atlus thought THAT was too much personality.
But after an eight year hiatus from "weeb @#%&," I finally completed Vanilla P5 in April 2020, and was shocked. If I knew Atlus and P5 created a character as thoughtful as Makoto "Queen" Nijima, I would have played P5 upon release. Makoto is the most popular woman in the franchise. She is simultaneously praised, analyzed, hated, and the subject of so many mature, hard hitting fics from her perspective. And I spotted why as I played.
She's a well written woman, not a "waifu." She shatters the self-insert, harem anime narrative boundaries that P4 set up, taking Persona's character writing to new heights, especially for its women. Anime feminism done right. This redeemed Persona in my eyes, tore down a lot of things I hate about it, and is very good news for the series. This means Persona could be growing up.
I didn't start this fire. P5 came out years ago. A lot of what is written here is derived from players between 2017 to 2020, by searching ("Makoto popular") on Reddit and Google.
  1. Anime law broken: A human among anime characters
She gets flak that she's portrayed as the "genius' surrounded by idiots, or that she's "boring." She's actually a positive representation of a high-performance young woman...surrounded by wacky anime characters. It’s tough being a hard-working student figuring out your future and pursuing college without really knowing why. It’s even harder to make living in reality look cool when an anime model, anime punk, anime mascot, anime artist, anime hacker, anime zaibatsu heiress, anime gymnast, anime Shogi idol, anime hippy, anime big-#[email protected]\ goth doctor and anime maid/teacher don't need to think about those things.* She's may be a Student Council President, but she remains believable and relatable, because she has none of the godly power and respect that most anime counterparts have. Plenty of schools in the west have equivalent leadership programs. She's as normal and Joker.
Look back at some of Persona's most beloved darlings, and you'll see Makoto have pieces of them while being more believable yet less "anime." She's a leader like Mitsuru and Naoto but more down to earth and approachable. She's defies Yukiko's "Yamato Nadeshiko" trope. She tells a subtle story on gender roles like Kanji and Naoto without taking ten rankups to do it. She's a calmer, more believable feminist warrior than Chie (who would not survive Shinjuku.) And she is central to the plot and themes without being the clone or voice of the hero like Yosuke.
Joker may be the player's self insert, but it turned out many men and women identify with Makoto. Women find her empowering, and singles want to adopt her traits and find a partner like her in real life because they absolutely can do both.
2. Persona law broken: A strong, independent woman who don't need no man for character development
This is the most important part:
Don't like her? Then leave her alone all year. She doesn't need you, and she's not interested unless your grades are in order! Not only will she still grow strong and whole in the plot, she will also do so without Joker's help in many critical POV swaps.
Her "boring" problems are the ones that feel real, relatable, and thematic. The themes of Rebellion and Justice are obvious. The less obvious theme of P5 is seeking approval from the wrong people (this nearly destroys the Phantom Thieves, many of the Confidants, and does destroy Akechi). Her setup as a party member is a very thoughtful, thematic and slow burn.
Going through life doing absolutely nothing but what the adults in her life say is important (grades) left her socially and emotionally malnourished. If this were P4, she'd have been the darling of the school and she'd be fighting off dudes with a broom like Yukiko. Instead, she was lonely because everyone found her unapproachable and bitchy. But why? Surely, she's doing all the right things in life, right? She didn't know it yet, but she was being set up for an unhappy adulthood. All the while being shunned by peers, mocked by Akechi, and run ragged by her faculty.
Threatened by the Principal and starving for approval, she spied on Joker...poorly. She had no clue how ridiculous (and cute) she looked. Ashamed of the state of her school and feeling powerless, she became desperate and aggressive, and homed in on the Phantom Thieves rapidly. But it was no longer for approval: The scene happened and then it was known why.
Her only real social support, Sae, losing her shot to fame because of the Phantom Thieves, let out traumatic verbal abuse, revealed her own abandonment trauma, and lashed out for Makoto's grievous sin of being a dependent. The most realistic, intimate, mundane yet heartbreaking scene in P5.
The hearts of players raised by a struggling single parent, or had a bad fight with a sibling, bled for both of them. Players who were starting to hate Makoto suddenly saw her in a new light. In that moment, she could never make them happy, and that it was time to test the virtues of the Phantom Thieves. Little did she know she was going to join them.
It couldn't have ended in any other way than a nuclear blast.
As the "strategist" (more like second leader,) she discards the senpai title and comes down to the team's level while letting her intellect and leadership speak for themselves (a critical leadership skill that Mitsuru never figured out.) She reconciles with Ann and becomes her friend (and this should have been explored more.) She betrays her sister at every turn (while still loving her) and abandons the principal, saying she no longer needs his "vouch" for college (a dangerous move as a woman in Japan.) All of it without Joker.
Her growing talent for deception, analysis, leadership and empathy make her the leader in all but name. Her "arc" is slow burning and almost game-wide. In her conclusion, she reveals her dirty little secret that her sister developed a Palace, and must musters the courage to change her heart, partially to save the Phantom Thieves, and partially because she was secretly craving it. Her stalking is her true Rank 1 and Sae's Palace is her true Rank 10. She is so well written that she would have been a stellar playable protagonist.
How to tell if a character is a Satellite, only existing to be a friend or lover: "What would this character be like if they'd never met the protagonist or vice versa?" Who loses their purpose or never had one? Who takes charge?
If Joker wasn't in P5, she would have stalked Ryuji or Ann instead, caught them all over again, and took the lead all over again. If Persona wasn't aimed at thirsty dudes, and Joker wasn't in it, she would be the hero, no matter who got the Wild Card. Persona 5 is her story, as much as it is Joker's story.
3. Persona rule broken: A character with an actual parent
A parent?! Persona teens don't have parents! Sae's outburst was the moment I knew she was actually a single "mother," aged down for fanservice, and that Makoto and Sae were going to be special.
The best Persona characters are the ones with flawed, but sustained, social support that doesn't involve the hero, invisible parents, or throwaway NPCs. It gives them roots, makes them more alive, and prevents them from being Satellites (a major problem in anime and Persona.) These relationships that don’t revolve around the hero are a breath of fresh air. Makoto and Sae's relationship is sustained throughout the game, and more important to her character than her rankups. Makoto has been heavily shaped by Sae, intentionally or not, for better or worse. Sae raised her to survive, but not live, and she suffers for it. Its Sae's suffering too because they both had to grow up too fast. Like most emotionally immature parents, Makoto's emotional well being was trumped by Sae's survival needs. That is a very realistic parent/child relationship. Her Personas are women who "stole" the positions of power from men, trying to strive in a man's world, just like her and Sae. Which leads me to 4.
  1. An anime Mulan
Together, Sae and Makoto tell a feminist tale. Japan is struggling with misogyny, and Persona is a product of that (it is a harem visual novel in disguise after all.) Japan is bad to women and orphans. Makoto and Sae are both.
I once walked the streets of Rappongi, Tokyo. Trafficked Southeast Asian women would try to grab me and persuade me to walk into their bars, under the watchful eye of bouncers, asking if I wanted "******s and Beer". Makoto's father was murdered trying to create a better Japan for women and Makoto instinctively carried his torch on a smaller, more interpersonal scale.
Makoto and Sae are attracted to masculine empowerment. But Makoto also favors justice and heroism, two things that were fading from Sae. This is reflected in the 80s Shounen aesthetics of her Queen form, and her interest in motorcycles, action movies, and Aikido (these hobbies are taboo for women in Japan!) Queen clothes and arms herself with what she craves in the real world. Take your eyes off her ass, and you'll notice Queen wants to look scary. Panther is dressed for kinks, but Queen is dressed for war. In combat, she shouts cheesy, empowering Shounen lines. She's not "dom," its an act that makes her feel empowered! Female cosplayers always talk about how powerful they feel as Queen. In Mementos, she is a shieldmaiden, A resilient tank/healer that protects others, matching her values, and even the real-life nature of Aikido. In the real world, she performs a feminist deed by mentoring an immature, emotionally vulnerable girl being manipulated into selling her body.
In fact, elements 1-3 are traits in good feminist characters too (and good women characters in general.) She doesn't turn to putty around Joker. She has a social circle without Joker, and she has plot agency without him.
5: A guide through the "Grownups are Bad" discussion
Before Makoto showed up, the Phantom Thieves were not good at their jobs outside of the Metaverse. Furthermore, they were not critically thinking about why they were changing hearts, beyond "grownups are bad, Approval Rating is good." If you ever watched the movie Kick Ass, you knew the Phan-site was hubris. Ann and Ryuji's suffering at the hands of Kamoshida was perfectly valid, but its not until Yusuke must face the soul of his abusive parental figure that the tough questions start to get asked.
Then came Makoto, who with a quick poke of her phone, gave the Phantom Thieves' anime nonsense a needed dose of reality. Sae's outburst was not just about Makoto feeling like a burden. It revealed Sae's abandonment trauma and blaming her father's values and the martyrdom it led to. Makoto liked the results the Phantom Thieves were getting but was still wrestling with the ethics of "mind control" Akechi was complaining about, so she issued a challenge to hunt and change the heart of a wicked mobster who was tormenting the students of Shibuya. He became the first target none of the original Phantom Thieves had a vendetta towards but would have if they got their heads out of their asses. The dungeon was not about her, but the team, and the community they lived in.
She did the team a massive favor, raising the stakes, taking the Phantom Thieves on the path to fame they were craving, getting them thinking more critically about what they do, and steering the conversation about why. And this never really went away. When she learned Sae had a palace, she kept it bottled up for months because she was terrified to change her heart and felt it was selfish. Unlike Yusuke and Haru, she had no anime vocation to keep herself afloat if Sae’s had a career ending confession. She could have become homeless. She hits P5's theme of Justice harder than any other character. She starts the real "Grownups are Bad" conversation, and Sae finishes it.
  1. Persona law broken: A FeMC in disguise
Those who weren't paying attention to her "boring" rank-ups were missing something special, long overdue and desperately needed: seeing a character Social-Linking someone else and solving their problems, just like Joker does, revealing that she's as strong and virtuous as him. This is something that needs to be explored more. Imagine Ann and Shiho confronting the sexist entertainment industry they work in. Imagine Futaba helping Mishima with the Phan-Site. Imagine Futaba getting mentorship from Ann, Makoto, Taekemi or Haru, instead of from the sexy boy next door...
Her inner voice tells her Eiko is in trouble. She is forced to put her senpai hat back on and risk her friendship to become a mentor to Eiko. She applies what she's already learned in the plot about approval to help a friend who is looking for love in all the wrong places. Its not all about Eiko. Eiko's loneliness hits close to home for Makoto, and she also reflects on the values that her father died for, and that were slipping away from Sae, who was slowly rationalizing "Justice" as the thing that killed their father. Joker is brought along as an assistant and fake boyfriend because she feels safe with him, oblivious to what an awkward and steamy position that puts him in. There are few things sexier than a man making a woman safe after all, which leads me to....
7. Romance part 1 - A subtle, yearning romantic
Some relationships have women making the first move, and in some, men make the first move. Makoto is the latter, and there is no right or wrong to that. After all, the characters who express interest first making their desire part of their characters with no way to stop them are the divisive ones (Aigis, Yukiko, Rise, Haru, Kasumi, etc). Its a limitation of shounen romance and Persona's lack of story branching. Wouldn't it be nice to say "I like you" at Rank 1 or "lets be friends" at Rank 1, instead of leading them on until their hearts are ready to burst?
Don't like her? Friendzone her, and she'll be fine. No blubbering, and no guilt, like Chie. She was oblivious to the thought of him admiring her, as is happy being "the big sister." She dismisses Eiko's poisonous words, knowing she has the capacity to give and receive love. If Joker makes his famous move in Rank 9, she is so shocked and delighted that her heart swells three sizes. She ultimately reveals her capacity for love, intimacy and subtle, High Priestess sensuality (dat cake move, hoo boy!) Being the older one and being college bound, she didn’t bat an eye at the inevitable long-distance relationship, giving Joker someone to never stop striving for. It’s not an ending, but a beginning. In a relationship, she explicitly says she wants to be equal partners, something progressives adore (and Japan needs more of.) But she never really had to say that, because she always was...
8. Romance part 2 - An equal
The overall message of Persona from P3 and beyond is that what happens in the real world is more important than all the anime superpowers. That the hard work and personal development needed for friendship, family, love gives you power and makes you a hero, NOT the other way around. She doesn't look like a FeMC, but she lives like one.
Many players who (rightfully) can't see themselves as Joker, and those who aren't playing P5 "4 tha waifuz" (gasp) favor her because they see her as his social, intellectual and thematic equal, wanting whats best for both of them. Makoto is Joker's equal in what she says, what she does, and who she is in the real world. She doesn't dress like him in combat, her Persona doesn't match his, and her Thief name matching is a reach. She is 100% her own independent person. She leads, takes charge, craves Justice, gives a damn about school, protects friends, deceives enemies, seeks growth, and solves the problems of others like Joker. Joker defied a corrupt adult and was crushed by it. She did everything the adults around her wanted and was being crushed anyway. As he is a male beacon of rebellion, she becomes another beacon, not just as a woman, but for women.
Royal changed dialog of Valentine’s Day, adding a bit more tension after a tragic moment. One that the girls seemingly ignored in Vanilla P5. Of all the women, only the Phantom Thieves express an unselfish grasp on what happened and why. Of the four, her words reinforce their equal partnership harder and more maturely than any other girl in P5R. She brings up Joker's flaw of taking on everything bad by himself (just like her,) his pain (not just her own,) and a desire to share in that pain. That is true love. Atlus buried a genuine, healthy relationship beneath a harem game. Was that an accident?
Their relationship may have been confined by the "Persona Bubble" because Persona has no story branching, but players simply cannot help but fill the gaps. The words that get thrown around are "Power Couple" and "Romance" and "Sae." So many more moments could have been more intense, joyful or painful if Sae was aware of their relationship and it wasn't hidden in a "bubble." And they didn't add it in Royal, as if they knew it would be "too perfect." But all that did was make fans bonkers and create ammo for all the fic writers.
The ocean of fanarts and love they get depict the aura of a power couple everyone wants to stand in (why yes, that does sexy). Delightfully mature and disciplined fic writers write (POV swaps) and alternate universes for them that work over (Cop & Robber), and over (The Gun, the Sword and the Vampires), and over (Until the Sun Sets) because P5 gives them so much to work with, emphasizing their independence from each other, similarities, and equality. I like comparing them to FF9's Zidane and Dagger. Take the relationship away, and she'll still be the best written character in P5, and the franchise, as the first true heroine seen since the P3 FeMC. You want a FeMC? She's it.

The Bingo sheet of why she’s hated
Because she's overwhelmingly popular, globally, and evergreen. Not even Royal could take her down a peg. This has never happened in the franchise's history, and I have never seen such hypocrisy and petulance in response.
As I gathered up what people praised, I also gathered the very shallow complaints, and there's a pattern to them. Modern Persona is a harem anime in disguise, and its dynamics stir something black in males (especially if they're young.) Makoto breaks "harem anime law."
  1. What's a Mary Sue?
A Mary Sue (or Gary Stu) is a character that exists for a kind of blatantly selfish fantasy. Sometimes it’s for the author, creating the person they want to be. Sometimes it is for the viewer, reader, or player (Yu.) There are many kinds. Sometimes they are perfect, invincible and always get what they want. Sometimes their dreadful behavior is portrayed as cute and endearing (called a Jerk Sue, like P4G's Marie.) Sometimes they warp the story and its tone or themes (Rin from Catherine Full Body). Sometimes they are handcrafted to exist to love with the hero and be perfect for them through shallow brute force (Relationship Sue.) Makoto fits none of them. Alas, in certain internet circles, any woman with plot agency is a Mary Sue...
She also has flaws. Subtle, realistic, and non-anime flaws she becomes very aware of. She is an anxious, internalizing liar, forged from a brutal upbringing. She could have saved herself pain if she was open about her true feelings towards the Phantom Thieves. She bottles up her emotions (because she is punished for expressing them at home.) She explicitly admits she feels the need to take on everything by herself in the worst of times (she tells Joker he has the same problem on Royal's Valentine's Day.) She kept two very deadly secrets from the Phantom Thieves because she was too terrified to speak up: that she believed the Phantom Thieves were being set up, and that her sister had a palace for months. And if these flaws were explored any further, she'd be getting hate for that too.
  1. Forced!
She got two short scenes where she touched Joker and the internet fumed. Ann and Futaba got scenes too, animated by A1, no less. But those scenes are not makes each girl stand out. Makoto's scenes without Joker are more important than her scenes with Joker. Again, ignore Makoto all year, and she will still grow without Joker's help. She will not be interested unless Joker has his grades and social graces in order. And the player can reject her without guilt or pressure. Like Chie! Everybody loves Chie, right? She has no superficial identifications or traits that depend upon Joker. (And then there's Royal.) Force comes from characterization. (More on this later.)
  1. Too smart, everyone else looks like idiots!
Ryuji was always loud, Ann was always average, Joker was always silent, and they didn't get dumber when she showed up. I shelved P5 for eight months after the Kamoshida Arc because I was unimpressed with the way they were steering the Phantom Thieves.
Ryuji and Ann verbally delegated decision making to her. If that intelligence and maturity came from nowhere, it would be concerning. But Makoto's intelligence came from somewhere, and it never stops being reinforced. She was college bound, participating in a perfectly normal school leadership program, and had been busting ass in school her whole life, and forced to grow up too fast. Persona 5 takes thoughtful time establishing where her intelligence, motivators and personality come from, and they all have realistic reasons. Futaba is unrealistically genius. Do they have a problem with her?
  1. Stalker!
Re-watch her scene with the principal. She wasn't doing it because she wanted to.
  1. She became friends too fast!
I guess only Joker gets that privilege. She got a Persona. Then she and Ann mutually reconciled. They're gonna be friends. I'd be worried if they didn't (see Ryuji and Morgana.)
  1. Boring!
Realistic. Someday, you will meet someone like her. Don't call them boring ;)
Also, she only gets two "wacky anime moments" and she's hated for both: wrapping herself around Joker scared, and the volleyball spike. Its comedy! Laugh!
  1. She's always right
No, Joker is (unless the player makes him agree with Ryuji's obsession with fame). She was dead wrong about jumping to conclusions that Futaba was abused. She should have opened up about Sae's and Okumura's palaces earlier. But if she did she would get hate for that too.
  1. Queen-mode is just to make her look cool! She never acts like that in real life!
This one is strange. How should she act? Breaking bar hosts noses in Shinjuku? Buying a real motorcycle? Queen mode lets her run wild with what makes her feel empowered that she can't enjoy in the real world. Look at what happened to Joker for stopping one rapist. The Phantom Thieves project power differently in reality because its reality. Ann is comically terrible at manipulating men, Ryuji doesn't hit people with pipes, and Haru is not a sadist (that's a meme.) The Thief forms are a better metaphor for Personas than their Personas, which are essentially Pokemon or SMT Demons. And if she acted any more "tough and badass" in her leadership role, then she'd be P3's over-the-top Mitsuru all over again.
  1. Blackmail!
She was testing their values, comparing them to her father. Yusuke, Futaba and Akechi each genuinely blackmailed the team.
  1. If [insert girl here] had her role, she'd be Best Girl!
Whoops, they forgot about Sae and Papa Nijima! Personalities would need to be reshaped by being raised by them. If they thought of that, how are they really separating girls then? Appearance? Or perhaps they think that girl's anime tropes are somehow more interesting than the relationship between Makoto and Sae? And what about the social commentary on misogyny? What about the themes of Justice, Approval, and real-world deeds being more important than dungeon crawling? Would they bear them all like Makoto?
  1. If [insert girl here] got more lines and character development, she'd be Best Gurl!
I earnestly wished all the characters were as strong as her. I'm frustrated that they aren't. But improving them doesn't look like what the worst fans think it does (forcing them on Joker earlier and more often.)
Strong characters have sustained, walking, talking, visible family and social circles. Strong characters have agency and empowerment. Strong characters make decisions, grow, and commit feats without a hero breathing down their neck. What Makoto does hasn't been seen since P3. Atlus, and their fanbase, need to understand this for P6. (See conclusion.)
I have laid out theories that would put other characters on her level without jamming them in Joker's lap (here).
If you want to see what this should look like, check out the fic (Crimson). Haru is established established as Makoto's friend early, and it works. There are many POV swaps. Ann successfully manipulates someone and its scary.
  1. She's Yukiko! Handcrafted to appeal to Japan!
Yukiko and Makoto have nothing in common but tights. P5 has only one blushing, modern Japanese princess with a hidden, comical mean streak, looking for a worthy fiance at an early age: Haru.
  1. She took Hifumi's role---
  1. She's just Joker's voice!
Watch the P4 and P5 animations (or better yet, don't waste your time or money.) Yu and Ren take no lines from anyone. Atlus is too terrified to get them to say words or feel feelings. Ren narrates, but he doesn't talk or feel anything but Generic Shounen Righteous Fury. Pay attention to the shots in 1st person view, to make sure you never know their emotions. Yosuke is not Yu's voice, and Makoto is not Ren's voice: they have no voice or soul. They never will. The worst fans will not allow it. The animes get a bad rep for a reason. They try to make everyone happy, but they make no one happy instead (the crappy animation and "psst, buy the game for more" undertones don't help either.)
And yet the whole journey is kicked off with Joker stopping a rapist. He makes repeated painful sacrifices for justice and the protection of others. He has triple the personality of Yu, craving rebellion and justice. Like Makoto...
  1. Her rankups are about Eiko!
I guess only Joker is allowed to help people.
Listen to Makoto. She is helping Eiko because Eiko's feelings of abandonment at home remind her own lack of love at home. She is also reflecting on the values that her father died for, and Sae was abandoning (which is where Sae's palace comes from.) One of the messages of P5 is how painful doing the right thing can really be. If she made it any more clear, like start crying over her dad or something, she'd get hate for that too. Makoto is not a Damsel in Distress Confidant, and that's a good thing.
  1. There's no chemistry!
That's what no force looks like, and character interiority (the lack of a mushy personality swap around the hero). Chemistry flares up in Hawaii, ranks 7, 9, 10, and the holidays. She dropped hints, but never got her hopes up, which is healthy. If too early, and too much, its cheesy, anime force. If she turned to quivering, blushing jelly around Joker (Yukiko), got clingy (Rise), and ultimately went "OMG I love you" (several) at Rank 9, then she really would earn the forced complaint (and she would be a weaker character for it, because mature women don't behave that way.)
What do they want? More "anime chemistry" or less force? Who are they giving a pass to?
The sad part? Yes, in real life, its okay for a women to express desire first, because a man could flirt back or say no on the spot (and vise versa.) But in P5 and shounen, the male is not allowed to respond and the woman is forced to fawn, agonize and get her hopes up until she's ready to explode at "Rank 9," to tantalize male consumers. This separates well written women from "waifus." Desperation is not, and never will be, romance.
  1. The girls are supposed to be balanced!
People who think like this WANT Persona to be a harem anime, whether they know it or not. What are they supposed to do? Introduce every girl simultaneously, all being raised by Sae? Or perhaps all equally intelligent no matter their background? All taking turns in Joker's lap like P4's crappy anime? All taking turns to speak? See 9 for what real balance looks like.
If harem balance is so more important than storytelling, they can be honest about what they really want and play Conception or a visual novel, watch a harem anime, or even P4 and P5's crappy animes. They have all the harem balance they want. They'll be back feeling unfulfilled (or prefer feeling like a sex god and never return.) :D
  1. Harem? I didn't play harem route!
Neither did Tenchi in Tenchi Muyo, or Tsukune in Rosario + Vampire, but they were still in harems. In a harem anime, all attractive females exist for the hero and the fantasies of the consumer. They rarely feel attraction to anyone else, and the hero is the gatekeeper to their sexuality and happiness. They are hero-sexual. Sometimes desperately so. Harems are often not about sex, they're about availability. Possessive sexuality. Whether the player dates one girl, all of them or none of them, they belong to the hero, so its still a harem. A phrase like "I like you" is a dramatic, forbidden ending, instead of a beginning. Harems are gross. Even Fire Emblem (ugh) let girls pair up with people other than the hero.
  1. What's wrong with harem elements?! Its not real!
They should have their parents, sister, friends or GF (if they even have one) watch as they play harem route, screwing adults and mentally ill kouhai, then be magically forgiven on 2/15 after the women deliver some ambiguous, unseen boo-boos to Joker. Or watch School Days together. Then tell them "its okay because its not real." See what happens.
  1. Too important
I saved this for the end.

Conclusion - Why there's simultaneous hate and praise: A Heroine in a Harem.
In harem manga, anime, and even JRPGs with a love triangle, a ridiculous zero-sum balance is sought out. Women rotate their time, importance, dialog amount and proximity to the hero, with him disallowed to react to their increasingly aggressive advances. Neither are called out for it. In stories that aren't trashy, people don't behave that way. Women don't obsess, take turns, tolerate divided attention, or need a man's presence to grow. And real gentlemen do not meander between them. When gentlemen get signals, they respond. Persona's harem elements were born from Atlus's attitude that men and women could not be friends, else the man would be labeled an "herbivore" (equivalent to incel words I refuse to utter.) This is why they didn't figure out friend-zoning until P4.
P4 was a harem vacation with a Shinto fairy tale murder mystery on the side. Yu was the center of the universe, and no character grew or made decisions without him. Chie, Yukiko and Rise were "balanced" because they were equally meaningless to the plot. Naoto and Yosuke were far more important, but this was accepted because Naoto joined late and Yosuke was male
P5 is the opposite. It is a story with mature disturbing social commentary on Japan with harem elements on the side. And that story takes precedence over "harem balance." Joker, Makoto, Morgana and Sae were always meant to shoulder the most narrative burden. P5 makes a statement, through them.
Typical JRPG players don't play them "for the waifus." They will usually single out a hero and heroine. The majority came, chose Makoto, praised her, and moved on to new games (as they should.)
To understand Makoto, lets talk about Yosuke.
Yosuke was the thematic clone of Yu, and like Makoto, would have been the hero if it wasn't for the player. P4 did everything it could to make him look bad compared to Yu. He was a fun, multifaceted trickster, and like Yu, a city slicker forced to live in a small sleepy town. Driven by revenge for a puppy love crush Saki, he established and lead the team, all the while still secretly mourning for her. Players always forget about this. He ultimately came to cherish his new town, and though he never found a girlfriend, he valued a handful of friendships over the crowds of the city and the Sounds of Silence it produces. Naoto was central to the advancing the plot, but Yosuke was central to the plot and themes. Privately between him and the hero, he outright states the overarching moral of P3 and beyond:
"I always wanted to be special. I thought my life'd finally have meaning if I was special to someone. That's why I was really exited when I got my Persona. But I really didn't need it. It’s not what you have or what you can do. Just being born, living your life. Before you know it, you're already special to someone. Like you! You're special to me, you know!" I wished Chie and Yukiko heard this. I wished so bad I could help him date one of them...
Close your eyes, look back at P4, and replace Yosuke with a woman, seeking revenge for a male crush. Still lacking glaring anime flaws, realistic, leading the team, and central to the plot and themes. Picture her telling Yu all that. People back then would have praised "her" as "best girl," crying out for "her" happiness, and the haters would say terribly similar things you hear now. And if it were to flip, Makoto being a male with no shot at a girl, there would be no complaints, and "his" role as a leader and deuteragonist would be accepted, (but there would be plenty of gay shipping.)
Makoto is a "Lady Yosuke," central to the plot and themes, fighting harder, and growing stronger than the rest of the team. Yet she is no one's clone or voice:
Atlus accidentally created a A Heroine in a Harem. Even if the player leaves her alone all year and dates everyone but her, she would still be the heroine, and P5 would still be her story. She matches all three definitions of Heroine. Fans, new and old, aren't afraid to call her the heroine. Joker and Akechi's Japanese VAs called her the heroine. Makoto Nijima bursts through the trashy genre she is in, she is praised globally for it, and P5 is stronger and more mature for it. The anime and Royal couldn't "undo" it. Players can't unsee it. There is no going back, and I'm not just talking about P5...
Atlus has proof that down to earth, independent and well developed heroines are cooler and more popular than thirsty, fetishy, or emotionally dependent "waifus." They're rediscovering how to cut characters loose from the player like P1 through P3, how to write real parents, and that it takes more than ten rankups and a silent hero's presence for good character development.
If Atlus understands this, its very good news for Persona 6.
For that, a loud, petulant minority lashes out, because in a harem, no woman can have that much appeal, independence, leadership, and plot agency. And if someone really thinks this way, it says a lot why they play Persona and how they perceive women in it. But it doesn't matter, because for every player that doesn't like it, two or three do. She is proof that harem balance and good writing are mutually exclusive. Proof that Persona doesn't need an army of fetishy love interests. Proof of how good Persona could really be. Maybe Atlus is returning to their SMT/P1-P2 roots. Maybe Persona is finally outgrowing its need to be a trashy self-insert harem anime, and that's for another essay. A highly divisive one...
Newly revised
Analysis 1 - How Persona 5 turned what I expected upside down
Analysis 3 - Bad Romance - Persona is held back by the self-insert harem genre
Analysis 4 - Techniques and Reading Lists to make You a Gentleman Thief or Femme Fatale!
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2020.06.10 16:49 KrispyBaconator What your favorite Total Drama ship says about you

DISCLAIMER: This post is a big ol' joke. None of my actual serious opinions are reflected here. This post is also inspired by Eldena Doubleca5t's Youtube series "What Your Favorite ______ Ship Says About You" so check that out as well!
Anywho, on to the memes
Duncan/Courtney: Your favorite relationship dynamic is the plot of any romcom.
Trent/Gwen: You really like Panic! At The Disco.
Duncan/Gwen: You want a big tiddy goth gf.
Owen/Izzy: Your ideal date is being either feral or stupid together.
Noah/Cody: Total Drama Island was the beginning of your crippling addiction to Yaoi.
Cody/Gwen: You are Cody.
TyleLindsay: You want to be bridal carried at all times. Also, you laugh at the Duncney/Gwuncan debate from afar.
Harold/Leshawna: Your favorite relationship dynamic is this image.
HeatheAlejandro: You are sexually attracted to villains.
Bridgette/Geoff: You are sexually attracted to himbos.
Cody/Sierra: You either want a yandere girlfriend, or you want to be a yandere girlfriend.
Gwen/Courtney: You believe the best way to resolve a love triangle is by removing the axis. That, or you’re just starved for good gay pairings in this fandom.
Trent/Duncan: You still ship Gwen and Courtney, but you also feel bad for Trent.
Noah/Owen: You are a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of bromances.
Harold/Heather: You have not watched past the first season, and adamantly refuse to do so.
Mike/Zoey: You like coffee shop AUs.
Dawn/Scott: I’m not saying you’re definitely a Reylo shipper, but there is a strong possibility.
Dawn/B: You're a sucker for characters who never get enough screentime.
Sam/Dakota: Your ideal date is going to Comic Con in full cosplay.
Brick/Jo: You’re a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of bitter rivalries.
Jo/Lightning: You’re a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of JoJo posing.
Mike/Anne Maria: You absolutely despise Mary Sues.
Dawn/DJ: You think “opposites attract” is overrated.
Scott/Courtney: You think “opposites attract” isn’t highly rated enough.
Sky/Dave: You pick your ships early on and are too stubborn to change them.
Shawn/Jasmine: You want a girlfriend who can not only kick your ass, but will do so upon request.
Sammy/Jasmine: You just want good things for Sammy, and honestly, who doesn’t?
Noah/Emma: You want a girl who will step on your neck.
Devin/Carrie: Your favorite song is “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne.
Geoff/Brody: Your favorite relationship dynamic is “two halves of a whole dumbass.”
Owen/Kitty: Your ideal date involves spying on someone else’s date.
Brody/MacArthur: Your top priority is keeping things canon, and that is it.
Sanders/MacArthur: You’re a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of girls bein' friends, gals bein’ pals.
Chris/Blaineley: Your favorite relationship dynamic is bickering married couples.
Crimson/Ennui: Honestly, you just like stable relationships.
Chris/Chef: You're not quite attracted to dads, but you are attracted to rugged older men.
Chris/Any Contestant: You are horny, feral, and are actually unable to feel any shame whatsoever.
Did I miss any couples? Put them in the comments and I will vibe check your pairing to the best of my ability
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2020.05.29 12:19 Indiana_Curmudgeon The Biggest Fake News In America Is That The Christian Church Is Christian.

The cause of Fascism and most bigotries in the world, as well as racism in America is the Christian Church.
In 1865 the Republican Party was created through the merger of several abolitionist groups. From 1865 to the mid 1960s, the Republican Party led the Civil Rights movement in America, for a 100-years, until the church move from the Left/Democrats to the Right/GOP to take political control of the American Right.
From our Founding to this this period in history the church has worked against America, our Constitution, and equality. First half-century through the Democrats and their racism, bigotry in our society before the mid 1950s & mid 60s, and through the GOP after the Church changed political camps to this day, another half-century later.
Documented here for over a 100-years.
Year; God/Faith in GOP Platform, Christianity & its political cause.
1865 to 1920: 0/0, Christianity & KKK
1912: 0/1 Faith in government
1920: Christianity & KKK
1930: Christianity & American Nazism, Father Coughlin
1940: Christianity moves from supporting Nazis to supporting McCarthyism, and more Fascism.
1954: End of McCarthyism
Note: It just dawned on my where the voices delaying America's entry into the war in Europe when we knew the evil being carried out, it was being carried out at the urging of the church by all circumstances surrounding this entire era who were urging patience here I've no doubt.
1954-1964: Church moves from the Democrats to the Republican Party bringing its bigotry & racism with it when it did.
1964 to present day: Church moves towards "Deep State" with more money than God and corporate Fascism via the billionaire's financing the American Right many of whom are devout fundamentalist Christians.
1972: 0/1, faith in govt, 1st time 18yo could vote, I voted Nixon
1973: 0/0 Roe 'v' Wade decision and abortion became legal
1976: 0/0 GOP Take Pro-Life stance, Church has been lying about God on abortion to the world.
1980s: 0/0 Reagan invites the Religious Right into the party enmasse.
2012: 29 10 references to God and 19 to faith
2018: 76 50 references to God, 26 to faith
This side the GOP are the Racist & bigot, due to the Christian religion, the Democrats are now the defenders of the Constitution for a Free & Equal America they Church has spent its entire history working against, Free People, any free people, they world over as a search into the lie about God on abortion and how it has been used as a wedge issue all over the world to push nations to the political, Fascist, Right.
Just like the Church has done here in America the last 55+years with the lie about God and abortion.
The Democrats are the Party of Civil Rights & American Ideals of Equality, Freedom & Liberty, that the GOP had been to that personality swap and the only thing that really happened was the Christian Church changed its political bent.
So, let's go to the wayback machine and follow it forward and back.
Note: in 1933, there were 65M Germans and 96% of the German people were Christian, the majority Catholic, then Protestant, Jews were somewhat less than 0.75 percent of the population.
If you thought about it you might realise the foundation of the Constitution, its very backbone, is built on Equality, Freedom, Liberty for ALL Americans. To Protect and Defend those American Ideals for everyone who is American. Native born or with 1-American parent anywhere in the world and naturalized citizens per Constitution.

Since being American, the only requirement to be guaranteed Constitutional Rights & Protections, one is automatically granting everyone else the same right to live their life as you do, by their choices w/o interference by you, religion or government.

May 5, 1789 our Founding Senate passed it's first act, the "Oath Act"
"I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States."
1: a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one's future action or behavior.
• Synonyms: vow, sworn statement, promise, pledge, avowal, affirmation, attestation, guarantee, bond, word, word of honor
You Can’t Be An American Patriot Without Defending The Constitution For ALL Americans.
As God did in giving all Free Will to all the Republican Party & American Right fail to practice in their politics or religion.
By the example Jesus left us in his life.

American & Christian Political History From 1865 to Today.

The 1865 to 1920s saw the advent of the then fraternal Christian entity known as the KKK.
1920s Christianity and the continuing to be popular today the KKK:
In the 1930s we had American Christianity and Nazi Party
The "German Christians" embraced many of the nationalistic and racial aspects of Nazi ideology. Once the Nazis came to power, this group sought the creation of a national "Reich Church" and supported a "nazified" version of Christianity. The Bekennende Kirche—the "Confessing Church"—emerged in opposition to the "German Christians."
The Christian Church was the power behind Hitler, do not believe the denials.
Search: Father Coughlin and American Nazism during the 1930s.
1940s, Christianity American Fascist Legacy, continues with McCarthyism, which takes us into the 1950's, 1954 was the last year of McCarthy House Committee On unAmerican Activities.
Search: McCarthy House Committee On unAmerican Activities.
Search: Catholic Church & McCarthyism,
Again the church's fraternal organization, this time the Knights of Columbus, had the word "God" put into the Pledge of Allegiance and onto our money.
The Pledge is in this meme with its original language, along with the Oath-of-Office all take a version of for any job serving the public with the government today.
End of McCarthyism in 1954 to Civil Rights Movement of 1964
• We have the personality swap of the Democrat & Republican parties:
The Church & Fascism switched sides between the ending of the McCarthy hearings, in 1954 and the Civil Rights Movement by Kennedy/LBJ in the early 1960s, where the Democrats became the party of the Constitution, Civil Rights and the GOP, who led Civil Right form its inception in 1865 to then, became the party of Christianity, oppression, racism, bigotry and politics became Fascist once more and aligned against people making their choices for themselves.
I’m not sure there is a more conclusive portrait of the power and influence of the Christian Church to carry this off w/o it being noticed by anyone but folks like Goldwater who sounded the alarm & went to war with the Christian Right before him other than Eisenhower’s warning of the military/industrial complex which fits nicely with creating enemies that don’t actually exist in any world outside of delusions..
The Christian Lie about God an abortion started during this time. The “Free Love” era of the 1960’s.
IF: Anti-Constitution
AND: Anti-American Rights
EQUALS: Being a Domestic Enemy of the Constitution.
THEN: The Christian Church, Republican Party & American Right are Domestic Enemies of America For Over 50-Years.
“With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion.” -- Steven Weinberg
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2020.05.26 13:02 hatbossman My [25M] girlfriend [23F] wants me to stop talking to my close friend [25F]

Have a friend I've known around 7 years now. Met in college through a mutual friend I've known since I was around 8. Never dated, but around year 2 (as in 2 out of 7) we hooked up 1x after some serious drinking. Never any connection, so no biggie we remain good friends and agree that was a dumb move.
Fast forward to today (5+ years after the hookup), multiple relationships later etc. Current girlfriend is mad that I text this friend quite frequently. Understandable, so I try to work out a scenario where we can both be comfortable and ensure that this isn't an issue. Note: the friend [25F] now has a bf, lives over 3000 miles away, and is good friends with over half of my friends, and has come to visit even when I didn't have a gf (and we didn't hook up/it wasn't weird at all, slept on sofa). Majority of our convo's center around memes, life advice, and workout stuff.
Basically my girlfriend is saying I am disrespecting our relationship by keeping this friend. She says it is weird to text a girl so much, and that she (gf) should be the only one I need. Specifically, that she should be above any female friend. We have argued about this for 1-2 months every weekend (~6 month relationship) and keep getting into stalemates. After the 1st or 2nd argument, I agreed to adjust the friendship to make her feel more comfortable:
- No workout videos (25F is a personal trainer, but gf thinks the videos are 'sexy' despite being in a garage with sweats + hoodie)
- No emotional/relationship talks
- She can read all of our texts to confirm nothing weird is going on (but EVERY time she does she still gets mad about emojis, music, memes, or whatever else)
- Less frequent texting

The last one is the tricky part because we cannot seem to agree on anything that satisfies both of us and I am not sure what to do/if this whole thing is bust. Still, she says this is not enough, and the ideal scenario is that I only text my friend 1x a month. I said 1x a week is the best I can do, because essentially that is not a friendship at that point. It seems like every time my friend texts I have this bs in my mind where on the one hand I feel like I am being shady when I am not (but b/c I know my girlfriend is upset) but at the same time I feel like an asshole randomly ignoring my friend just for the sake of my girlfriend when there is nothing going on. Is there a better way to approach this or am I just being insensitive?
Almost forgot. I tried to have them become friends (obviously this would solve everything and be win-win) but my gf offended the friend a few times and is so worked up over this for the past few weeks that I'm now 99.99% sure they will never get along at this point.
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2020.05.25 15:25 DoktorKaputt [Discussion] Lambda Annual Survey Results

Lamba Annual Survey Summary

What is the Lambda Annual Survey?

Lambda holds what probably is the most representative KC Survey once a year and publishes the results. With over 8000 entries this time, it should give a nice overview of the Japanese KC Community (and the foreigners that took part in it as well) at large. Both the survey and the results were published in Japanese, and after asking permission from Lambda I will summarize the most important points in the following. The untranslated results can be found here. I recommend having it open while reading along.

Pages 1+2: Server Population and Join Dates

The most popolous Server is Hashi, followed by Kure. The eldest 5 Servers have a significant portion of Players who got into them via Server-Transfer. A total of 24,5% of the Survey Participants were successfull in changing Servers in their Playtime. The newer Servers don't seem to be a desirable target for switching to.
The Second half of 2013 notes the half-year in which most Players joined the game, followed by a steady decline of new Players in the following years. The only exception to that is the first half of 2015, marking the release of the Kancolle Anime (hopes for Season 2 Player influx is not entirely unjustified then). Most of the Anime Newfaces seemed to have landed on the Servers Hashi and Saiki. 50% of the Survey Participants already joined before the end of 2014, the 90%th Percentile was reached just before the end of 2017.

Page 2: Demographics

90% of the Admirals are male, 10% female.
The age distribution peaks at 25 years old (making them 18-20 when the game launched and got the majority of the players), with a long and mostly linear trail down to 56 years old, putting the average age of the survey participants in the high 20s to early 30s. Sadly Lambda doesn't actually provide a number at that point.

Page 3: Foreigners and understanding of the Japanese Language

81% of the Survey participants were claiming to be japanese, 18% to be foreigners. The Rest are either foreigners living in Japan or Japanese living abroad.
The gross majority of foreign players stems from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Lambda doesn't provide a percentage here either, but here is an approximate breakdown of the most important foreign playerbase:
Interesting note at that point: To my knowledge the Vietnamese community is pretty large, but only 2 of them seemed to have managed to fill out this survey. So take these numbers with a grain of salt since the survey spread might not have been ideal among the foreign playerbase in addition to the language barrier posed by the survey itself.
Which brings us to the next point: Understanding of Japanese in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing: Almost 40% of foreigners attest to a decent proficiency to reading Japanese, another 45% attest to understanding a bit and the remaining 15% can't read Japanese at all. Listening gives a 35/52/13, Speaking a 20/50/30 and Writing a 20/35/45 split for the same proficiencies.
Lambda notes that a decent amount of people can play without understanding a single bit of japanese and puts it to the expansive wikis that exist. Yay, EN Community, I guess.

Page 4: Shipgirl Popularity

There were a lot of Categories to fill out and I won't translate all 240 rows of that table. Instead, i will give you the Top 10 (descending) and Flop 10 (with the least popular one at the top) of each category. The second column is a result of a cumulative vote on up to 30 Shipgirls for each participant of the survey.
Favourite I like them Favourite+Like Married Don't own Deserves a K2
#1 Haruna Saratoga Saratoga Abukuma Hirato Kaga
#2 Kongou Prinz Eugen Prinz Eugen Zuikaku Fletcher Yamato
#3 Shigure Suzuya Zuikaku Shoukaku I-14 Shimakaze
#4 Can't decide Zuikaku Suzuya Kitakami Akishimo Takao
#5 Kaga Yuudachi Haruna Kongou I-504 Atago
#6 Verniy Shigure Yuudachi Nagato Tashkent Aoba
#7 Zuikaku Haruna Shigure Musashi I-400 Yukikaze
#8 Yamato Kongou Kongou Haruna Johnston Inazuma
#9 Inazuma Shoukaku Yamato Kaga Jervis Taihou
#10 Taihou Yamato Shoukaku Akagi De Ruyter Prinz Eugen
#239 Asakaze Nenohi Nenohi Hirato Akagi n/A
#238 Garibaldi Uranami Uranami Mikura Kitakami
#237 Shinyou Miyuki Mikura Nenohi Shigure
#236 Kunashiri Mikura Miyuki Akishimo Hibiki
#235 I-504 Kikuzuki Kikuzuki Miyuki Yuudachi
#234 Akishimo Shirayuki Shirayuki Uranami Chiyoda
#233 Mikura Wakaba Daitou Wakaba Sendai
#232 Hiburi Daitou Wakaba Hatsuyuki Maya
#231 Daitou Hatsuharu Hatsuharu Isonami Haguro
#230 Amagiri Nagatsuki Hiburi Shirayuki Haruna
No Major upsets here. New ships or those fogotten by the devs or the playerbase are not popular, while, well, the popular girls are the most liked. The only interesting tidbit is that Abukuma makes it to #1 married ship and Kitakami, Nagato and Musashi also being high up there despite not being very high in the other two categories. I personally would put that to the statistical aspects of the ships making a bigger influence here.

Page 5: Kanmusu wishes

Lambda left the survey participants some space to write a personal message to their favourite, won't be summarizing that. The other Part of that page was a space for the participants to voice a desire for an upcoming Shipgirl Archetype. The most popular ones were "elder sister", "loli battleship" and "glasses". Makes me wonder why Hirato and Amagiri scored so low in the previous section, but what do I know. Both Sado and Maso of the options that were predetermined by Lambda were the least popular suggestions. There is also a whole plethora of user-made suggestions, but I won't make a summary on those.

Page 6: Starter Ships & Kuso

The most common startership chosen is Inazuma (38%), followed by Fubuki (25%), Murakumo (17%), Samidare (13%) and then Sazanami (7%). Looking at the starter ships chosen by joined year of the survey Participants, it is noticeable that Fubuki got a decent popularity boost in 2015 with the anime release, but the distribution stayed mostly stable since then (2020 has bit low sample size, so rather ignore that one).
About 38% of Admirals have to admit that their highest level Shipgirl is not neccesarily their favourite one.
71% of Admirals admit to having sunk a Shipgirl on accident. 26% admit to intentionally sinking Shipgirls, which marks a 3% increase from last years survey, Lambda notes.

Page 7: Highest Levels/Married Ships

The most common answer to the question "what is your highest level shipgirl" was the levelcap, 175, followed by the first cap, 99. The Median and Average of the highest level shipgirl don't deviate much and are 150 and 147 respectivly.
There is a not insignificant proportion of survey participants who have not married at all, but most commonly they seem to be marrying around 1-25. Monagamy almost was the most common choice, only beaten by the choice of being married with about 10 girls. Afterwards the amount of total girls married decreases steadily.

Page 8+9: Resources and Materials

The stock of the primary resources Fuel/Ammo/Steel/Bauxite have two peaks: At Softcap and Hardcap, with a rather even distribution inbetween them. The major takeaway here is that steel seems to be most easily capped, followed by bauxite.
Buckets don't have a softcap, but a similiar pattern emerges: Either being capped or being broke are the most common result, with everything inbetween being rather evenly distributed.
Both Screws and Medals are not hoarded by the majority of the survey participants and are either being used ASAP or not acquired at all. The average Screw count might seem high with 100, but the Median is at 29, meaning that number gets grossly inflated by the hoarders. Similarly, Medals are averaged at 36.5, while the Median is 14.
Most Admirals didn't choose to expand their Fleet Presets (40%), about 23% each expanded to 5 and 10 Presets and 15% makes use of up to 15 Fleet Presets.
Despite there "only" being about 240 Shipgirls, most survey participants expanded their total slot number way beyond that (most commonly the MAX being 430), with a second peak centered around 300-340 slots. Most likely to retain dupes and more equipment slots. Only a very small minority (3%) is still operating on 100 slots.
Most Survey Participants (46%) measure their yearly Kancolle expense in the thousands of Yen (1k Yen ~9.2$ or ~8.5€), while 40% measure it in tens of thousands of Yen. About 7% spent more than 100.000 Yen in the passing year, while 6% were free2play.

Page 10: HQ and playing the game

The majority of survey participants is HQ Level 120 (55%), and additional 39% are in the HQ110-119 Range. Lambda points out that there is an 11% increase of HQ Level 120 since the last time the survey has been held. The average amount of Sorties done by players is around 100.000, only very few pass the 200.000 mark.
Around 48% of survey participants have ranked at least once in their carreer, most of them in T500 only. Around 35% ranked in the second half of 2019 and 16% in december 2019. It is noteworthy that Lambda points out that out of the ~10000 Rankers (500x20 Servers + Comments) in December 1302, or about 13% of all of them, took part in this survey. Considering there are about 10.000 active accounts per Server[1] and only 500 (5%) would get rewards it is a strong indicator that this survey was filled out by a way more dedicated audience than the average player.
Most survey participants only complete the daily missions up to and including "10 Daily Battles" (58%) and if they are doing Daily W2 Bosses, they usually pull through and Complete Daily 6 subs as well (18%). 10% choose not to do Daily Missions.
The weekly mission completion rates are as follows:
  • Weekly Sorties 1: 75%
  • Weekly CV: 75%
  • Weekly Transports 1: 68%
  • Weekly Transports 2: 46%
  • Weekly Submarines: 67%
  • Weekly World 4: 28%
  • Weekly World 3: 43%
  • Further Weeklies: 18%
The game is most commonly played on Mobile and PC (multiple answers possible here though). A little less than 4% said that they were only playing with mobile devices.
Google Chrome was by far the most used Browser; the most common viewer used is the T74 Electronic Observer, followed by kcv, poi and then KC3.

Page 11: Events and A-Class Medals

A pattern similiar to the Resources emerge once again: There are two peaks at 0 and 18 A-Class Medals acquired by the admirals participating in this survey. Out of those Admirals who have gotten the full set, only a very small minority (2%) decided to convert them to fuel/screws. Overall, 6% of the survey participants scrap these Medals on average. The average survey participant has claimed 6.75 Hard Medals to their name.
The next Figure concerns itself with Event Participation and perceived difficulty. The 5 most difficult Events were:
  • Fall 2013
  • Summer 2015
  • Summer 2014
  • Summer 2017
  • Spring 2016
The 5 Events perceived to be the most easy ones were:
  • Fall 2015
  • Winter 2013
  • Spring 2017
  • Winter 2016
  • Spring 2015
It is interesting to see that the last couple of Events were neither perceived as particulary easy nor particulary hard.
The Events of 2019 were completed on Hard by a majority of Survey Participants (43-52%).

Page 12: Gameplay Mechanics Test

4 Gameplay related statements were made and had to be identified as "wrong" or "correct" by the survey participants. The majority of participants got the questions right, but only at about a 60% rate.

Page 13: Offline-Events

The most popular KC Offline Event among Survey Participants seemed to be the Zuiun Festival 2019, which 1200 (or about 15%) of them attended. Other contestants are the Deep Sea Circus and New Year 2020 in Yokohoma. The Curry in Tokio didn't seem to be quite as popular.
When going to an Offline-Event, most (57%) are going alone, 23% with an IRL friend, 10% with an Online Friend and the remainder with their GF/Family.
The following places have been visited by the survey participants:
  • Yokosuka: 29%
  • Kure: 25%
  • Sasebo: 14%
  • Maizuri: 12%
  • Ominato: 2%
  • Ship Shrines of no further description: 8%
  • Other Shrines: 11%
  • Other pilgrimage site in foreign countries: 4%
When it comes to buying official collaboration goods in 2019, close to 70% of Survey Participants got something from Lawson, 19% from Mikutoshi, 15% from HIROTA and 2% from JAL.
Most Participants (63%) never played the Arcade version of KanColle, 32% have played at least once and 4% are currently active players.

Page 13: Secondary Creation

A Quarter of Admirals are proud to admit that they have drawn a shipgirl themselves at least once. 82% never cosplayed a Kancolle character, 13% would like to give it a try and only 5% actually did it.
About 40% of survey Participants don't own any Doujinshis for KanColle, 30% 1-10, 21% between 10 and 100 and 10% own more than 100 thin booklets. 3% of the Survey Participants answered that they took part in creation of this kind of Secondary Media.

Page 14: Secondary/Supplementary Information Sources

For general KanColle-Related content, the following sites are frequented:
  • Summary Sites/Blogs: 77%
  • Video Sites (niconico/youtube): 57%
  • Illustration sites (pixiv etc.): 44%
  • Livestreams: 39%
  • Anonymous Image Boards: 28%
  • "I don't usually look at KanColle sites": 4%
For the purposes of gathering information during Events, the following sources are used for help:
  • Kancolle Wiki: 89%
  • Blogs/Articles: 74%
  • SNS (Social Networks): 52%
  • Calculation tools/pages: 46%
  • Databases: 41%
  • Frontline/Livesteam Summary etc.: 33%
  • Overseas Kancolle Wiki: 25%
  • Anonymous Image Boards: 20%
  • "I don't look for secondary Information during Events": 0,8%

Page 15: Wishes for KanColle

This Page contains a lot user-input, the only easily quantifyable part is where Lambda provided a couple of options for future developments in KanColle a survey participant might want to see:
  • Help for Newcomers: 49%
  • Better leveling spots: 48%
  • Event Reruns: 43%
  • No more Hardcap: 41%
  • Equipment Presets: 41%
  • UI Improvements: 40%
  • Live2D: 29%
  • Friend Fleet Implementation (for reals this time): 25%
  • iPhone App: 21%
  • Develop 10 items at a time: 20%
  • Collabs with other games and anime: 19%
  • 3D/VR Support: 13%

Page 16: Other Games and KanColle Retention

About 40% of Survey Participants do not play other Games in the same space as Kancolle, the rest plays a selection of the following (multiple answers possible, only listing the most popular ones):
  • FGO: 20%
  • Azur Lane: 13%
  • Princess Connect!: 10%
  • Idolmaster: 9%
  • GBF: 8%
  • Flower Knight Girl(s?): 7%
  • BanG Dream!: 6%
  • Puzzle (and Dragons?): 5%
  • Touken Ranbu: 4%
The Majority of survey participants (57%) will stick to KanColle till the end, 37% will go on as long as they can, 2.6% are considering retirement, 1.4% want to stop rather soon and 1.6% of the participants already quit the game

Page 17+18: R-18, the lood stuff

80% of Survey Participants decided to take it to that stage. All further Questions will be filtered after them.
Out of those, 83% did the deed with a Shipgirl, but only 70% to a shipgirl they married. 25% admit to making a gun inspection with official art as reference.
On a scale from 1-7, the favourite chest-armour-sizes were asked (but no points of reference given): 5%/10%/17%/20%/26%/11%/10%. The median size desired is 4, the average 4.26
On a related note, survey participants were asked their opinion on Minegumos assets (relating to a comment made by conishi when she released). 33% disagree on that kind of armour on an Asashio class DD, 45% are okay with it. The remaining 21% chose the meme answer "むしろ興奮する", along the lines of "ngl, it's kinda hot".
The IRL sexual activity of those who took part in this part of the survey are: 45% male virgins, 15% virgin males who only lost it to a prostitute, 3% female virgins, 26% regular non-virgins and 10% married admirals.
In the next section, admirals were asked to pick their 30 favourite Kanmusu for night battles as well as those who they already did it with. Here, the top and bottom 15 for each category will be picked:
Favourites Been there, done that
1 Suzuya Suzuya
2 Kashima Haruna
3 Prinz Eugen Kashima
4 Saratoga Kongou
5 Haruna Prinz Eugen
6 Hamakaze Shigure
7 Shigure Kaga
8 Murasame Shoukaku
9 Colorado Hamakaze
10 Urakaze Yuudachi
11 Shoukaku Yamato
12 Teruzuki Zuikaku
13 Atago Saratoga
14 Kaga Atago
15 Yamato Urakaze
239 Nenohi Mikura
238 Wakaba Houston
237 Kikuzuki Hirato
236 Mikura Akishimo
235 Hatsukaze Nenohi
234 Hatsuharu De Ruyter
233 Nagatsuki Daitou
232 Miyuki Hiburi
231 Asagumo Amagiri
230 Daito Wakaba
229 Yamagumo Maruyu
228 Fujinami Fukae
227 Mikazuki Kikuzuki
226 Maruyu Fujinami
225 Uranami Perth

Page 19: Hardmode Admirals

The last page of the survey analysis concerns itself with a comparison of those admirals who completed the last 4 Events on Hard (38%) as opposed to those who didn't on a couple of cornerstones:
  • The older a player is, the more likely he was to complete the Events in hardmode. It seems that joining about the second half of 2017 is the point at which last years Events in hard were possible for a decent amount of player.
  • Hard mode admirals are more likely to have more ships married.
  • The number of Buckets for Hardmode-clearers is more evenly distributed, there is no peak at the lower end and the non-hard-clearers have a significantly higher peak at the cap as well.
  • Those who clear hard are more likely to spend excessive amount of money (>100.000 Yen), but are proportionally less than in the other spending categories.
  • Likewise, those who cleared the past Events on hard are also playing more daily.
  • The Questions asked on Page 12 were answered correctly by a higher portion of hard players than the others. The Delta is about 15%.
  • IRL Event attendence is a bit higher for hard mode admirals than it is for the others.
  • Hard Mode cleares are more likely to diversify their information sources for events.
    1: This is just an estimate, with Hashi being the biggest Server and depending on how much you stretch the definition of "active player" this number could be higher than 10.000 per Server even.
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2020.05.21 16:03 PettyHumanoid My [28m] girlfriend [28f] is super jealous of my female friend

We're together for 2 years. She met my female friend a couple of times, we went for a couple of beers.
Me and my friend are close friends for almost 10 years. We're only texting like whats up with you and such sending music, memes etc. My female friend has boyfriend and lives in a different country.
On tuesday we had a talk about our relationship and it went something like this:
GF: What's up with *female friend*
Me: Nothing haven't talked to much to her lately
GF: I saw she texted to you yesterday
Me: She texted me yesterday and you're talking about it today?
GF: I had to think about everything
Me: She's just my friend and nothing more, we know each other for 10 years and nothing ever was between us.
I said to her that I dont feel like she trust me and she said she don't.
She then talked about how we talk all the time and that she's super jealous, then she talk how im not involved in our relationship lately. I can understand that I'm not and she's probably right because I have a lot on my mind recently, started school again, bought my first apartement that i'm renovating, not enough money plus job problems during covid and she's always pushing me to involve more and to move in with her. I told her that I want to move in with her after I finish my apartement.
Yesterday she texted my female friend about why she's interrupting our relationship and why she's talking to me all the time. My friend said to her the same thing that we are only friends and nothing more is between us. Then some harsh words were said.
I felt like i was ambushed with that conversation, especially that she was prepering for it for a day and not said anything immediately when she saw that she texted me. I'm not a good with this type on coversations and dont know how to respond on the spot.
We had conversations about my involvement couple of times and she said after it was better for couple of weeks and then it came back to normal. She wants me to partly live with her and to sleep in for weekends and off days. That I can do.
She also wants me to limit my contacts with my female friend, ideally to zero. So at the end of our talk she gave ultimatum that I need to be more involved and she's putting me in a position to choose between her and friend. If i can't do this we should take a break.
I talked to my family and I got advice to call her and ask her how is she etc. so I did. After the call she texted my that she dont know why i called her because we are on a break etc and she make it clear that if im more involved or we're breaking up. I said that i called to show her my involvement.
What should I do?
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Doctor Reacts to RIDICULOUS Medical Memes #8 - YouTube 20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Girls  Jubilee x Solfa - YouTube MEMES #2 - YouTube Boyfriend Meme  GachaLife - YouTube Alcohol  The Rising of the Shield Hero - YouTube Meme gift ideas - YouTube TOP 10 FUNNIEST MEMES OF ALL TIME! - YouTube Meme Yamel - YouTube

New Girlfriend Application Meme in 2020 Boyfriend ...

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What happens when you bring in 20 potential dates for one person? We put one person's preferences to the test to see whether he could find a match. Thanks to... Ep 23: After a hard day's work, the four heroes gather to spend the night partying. Some handle their alcohol better than others... Watch THE RISING OF THE S... ¡¡¡Konichiwa!!! Jejeje. Si lees esto, no sé si viste la mini película completa ya que sé que la mayoría de personas de la comunidad gacha prefieren ver su Ya... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Click the link to download Tik Tok! These are the best funny clean memes ever made! This video is sponsored by TikTok. 😃 SUBSCRIBE F... Song used - Bruh I make too much original memes xD (Wellonlytwobutstill) The story of this meme might be weird but I got lazy. A... Vi la oportunidad y la use xd xddd.jpg (correo de negocios: [email protected]) Twitter: Facebook: I have no Christmas specials ready, and its not even Christmas anymore. Big F C r e d i t s : °Original: Cheetah Chan - °Audio: ... Newest Meme Review: Check me out in the hospital: WELCOME TO MEDICAL MEME REVIEW EP 8!!! Medical me... Compartiendo lo mejor y lo peor de #México, del mundo y de mi Donaciones: